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 Press Release

By: Windy McDonald

Phoenix, AZ (Sept. 1) Charles Davis, Jr. continued his mastery of Manzanita Speedway with a 1.09 second win over Mike Boat in Sunday night's 30 lap main event for the NM/AZ Sprint car series race on the half mile track. The win followed a victory in the Labor Day Series Saturday night in Show Low and he was the overall champion in the three race series. He finished sixth in the Friday night race in Albuquerque.

Davis had a great night as he was the second fastest qualifier to Rick Ziehl  in the 29 car field, was second to Ronnie Clark in his heat race and placed third in a special 20 lap "Shootout" His win in the first USAC sanctioned race at Manzy since 1985, marked his fourth sprint car win at Manzanita this year in only seven starts.

Davis shared the second row with Boat for the green flag and Clark jumped out front when the green flag flew. He kept his Ellis Racing/Tribute signs sprinter in front for three laps then gave way to Boat. Boat was trying to wrap up the driving championship and had his RPM Engines/ Buckley Chassis working on the high side of the track while Davis slipped past Clark and set his sights on the tail section of Boat's #74. He tried low side passes for several laps and finally got the Fred and Evelyn Bryan Buckley to the front on the 23rd lap as the leaders encountered heavy traffic. Once out front Davis was able to repel each challenge that Boat threw at him and still had a two car length lead at the checkered flag.
"The car was just awesome," Davis said. "It was working every groove on the track. The set up was the best I ever drove."

There were some spirited battles behind the front running duo. Rick Ziehl, who started in the third row, had plenty of company in his battle for third with Ronnie Clark and  Marty Wilcox in pursuit.  Terry Belcher, making a rare Sprint Car start while subbing for his son in the Jerry and Susie Pritchett machine, and Joe Larkin, Jr. were swapping positions with Belcher finally taking the sixth spot and Larkin was seventh ahead of Steve Nix, Jeff Henry and Tony Smiley..

The "Shootout" had the top sixteen drivers from the previous two night's of racing inverted for the start of the 20 lapper after Charles Davis, Jr. lost the coin toss. He called heads, it came up tails so he started 16th instead of on the pole. The race got off to a bad start when the cars came off turn four expecting a green flag. The flagman showed a standing green as the start was not good and the yellow light was turned on. The front runners backed off creating a traffic jam down the front straightaway. Kaylene Verville ran over a rear wheel of one of the cars and did a series of end over end flips with her Stacey Fuller car. She walked away uninjured.

Rick Ziehl was in command until he got caught up in heavy traffic and Davis, Jr., all the way up from his eighth row starting berth closed the gap. Davis tried an inside move down the back straighaway on the 19th lap. The two were side by side and a slower car made it three abreast. Cars touched as they ran out of room and Davis got sideways, recovered but the flagman had waved a yellow. It was followed by a race stopping red flag when a report came in that a car had flipped just behind the maintenance yard. This proved to be incorrect.

After some discussions, the scoring went back to the previous lap and since Davis did not spin, he was given his second position back. On the restart Ziehl pulled away and Boat got by Davis for second. Davis crossed the line in third with Mike Martin and Tom Ball trailing.
Bob Ream, Jr. driven from 17th to fourth but mechanical problems ended his night a lap early and he ended up tenth. Joe Larkin won the 12 lap semi over Mike Ziehl, Steve Stone and Marty Wilcox.  Tom Ball hit the wall and flipped but was not injured. Heats went to Rick Ziehl, Ronnie Clark, Jeff Henry and Bob Ream, Jr.  

Main event: (30 laps) 1. Charles Davis, Jr. 2. Mike Boat 3. Rick Ziehl 4. Ronnie Clark 5. Marty Wilcox 6. Terry Belcher 7. Joe Larkin 8. Steve Nix 9. Jeff Henry 10. Tony Smiley 11. Mike Martin 12. Jay Ervine 13. Travis Cooley 14. Steve Stone 15. Michael Bryan 16. Rick Sipes 17. Shon Deskins 18. Anthony Tafoya 19. Ron Hankla 20. Tom Ball 21. Jim Aragon (no time)
Lap Leaders: Laps 1-3, Clark–Laps 43-22, Boat–laps 23-30, Davis, Jr.
Shootout: (20 laps)1. Rick Ziehl 2. Mike Boat 3. Charles Davis, Jr. 4. Mike Martin 5. Tom Ball 6. Marty Wilcox 7. Terry Belcher 8. Jeff Henry 9. Steve Stone 10. Bob Ream, Jr. 11. Travis Cooley 12. Steve Nix 13. Jay Ervine 14. Rick Sipes 15. Kristi Smith 16. Ronnie Clark 17. Joe Larkin 18. Miles Merritt 19. Dave Burns 20. Kaylene Verville (no time)
Semi main: (12 laps)1. Joe Larkin 2. Mike Ziehl 3. Steve Stone 4. Marty Wilcox 5. Michael Bryan 6. Miles Merritt 7. Ron Hankla 8. Jim Aragon 9. Kristi Smith 10. Ted Lee 11. Anthony Tafoya (no time)
1st heat: (10 laps)1. Rick Ziehl 2. Tony Smiley 3. Rick Sipes 4. Terry Belcher 5. Ted Lee 6. Marty Wilcox 7. Mike Ziehl 8. Anthony Tafoya (Tiem: 3:31.33)
2nd heat: (10 laps)1. Ronnie Clark 2. Charles Davis, Jr. 3. Jay Ervine 4. Travis Cooley 5. Ron Hankla 6. Steve Stone 7. Kristi Smith (Time: 3:25.97)
3rd heat: (10 laps)1. Jeff Henry 2. Mike Boat 3. Steve Nix 4. Dave Burns 5. Miles Merritt 6. Joe Larkin 7. Michael Bryan (Time: 3:30.12)
4th heat: (10 laps) 1. Bob Ream, Jr. 2. Mike Martin 3. Shon Deskins 4. Tom Ball 5. Jim Aragon 6. Davey Bateman 7. Kaylene Verville (no time)
Trophy dash: (4 laps)1. Mike Boat 2. Rick Ziehl 3. Bob Ream, Jr. 4. Charles Davis, Jr. (no time)
Quallifying: 1. Rick Ziehl , XX, 20.001; 2. Charles Davis, Jr., #7, 20.084; 3. Mike Boat, #74, 20.101;  4. Bob Ream, Jr., #15, 20.129;  5. Terry Belcher, #18, 20.244; 6. Ronnie Clark, #33, 20.327; 7. Jeff Henry, #13, 20.454; 8. Davey Bateman, #10, 20.523; 9. Tom Ball, #X, 20.588; 10. Travis Cooley, #93, 20.957; 11. Joe Larkin, Jr., #36, 20.961; 12. Tom Ball, #16x, 20.984; 13. Tony Smiley, #2, 21.011; 14. Jay Ervine, #33az, 21.037; 15. Miles Nesbitt, #75, 21.073; 16. Shon Deskins, #99, 21.080; 17. Mike Ziehl, #88, 21.169; 18. Steve Stone, #57, 21.175; 19. Michael Bryan, #75x, 21.494; 20. Kaylene Verville, #98, 21.495: 21. Rick Sipes, 21.805; 22. Ron Hankla, #30, 21.934; 23. Steve Nix, #0, 22.196; 24. Mike Martin, #16, 22.414; 25. Marty Wilcox, #X, 22.459; 26. Kristi Smith, #4L, 22.632; 27. Dave Burns, #52, 23.019; 28. Jim Aragon, #55, 23.189; 29. Anthony Tafoya, #21, 24.062
Eighteen  Modified Midgets were on hand for their part of the doubleheader and Kiley Fellers, a regular with the Arizona Mini Sprints, beat another Mini Sprint regular, in the 15 lap main event. Fellers started from the front row and led from wire to wire for his first ever main event win with his Arizona Race Mart sponsored car.
Ogle stayed close throughout but had to settle for second with Cole Houser, winner of the trophy dash, a close third. Steven Sanchez brought it home in fourth, just ahead of Matt Bowman. The rest of the top ten were Patrick Shaw, Derek McCluskey, Ken Hilton, Jessica Patterson and Jeff Perry.
Ogle ran away from the field in the first heat race as he easily outdistanced Buck Simingon, Bowman, Houser and Hilton.  In the second heat it was Shipley with the win as he bested McCluskey, Patterson, Ken Perry and Jessie Houser.
Main event: 1. Kiley Fellers 2. Thomas Ogle 3. Cole Houser 4. Steven Sanchez 5. Matt Bowman 6. Patrick Shaw 7. Derek McCluskey 8. Ken Hilton 9. Jessica Patterson 10. Jeff Perry 11. Buck Simington 12. Jessie Houser 13. Ken Perry 14. Kevin Simington 15. Matt Biancani 16. Doug Welty 17. Brandy Phillips 18. Joshua Shipley
Lap Leaders: Laps 1-15, Fellers
1st heat: 1. Thomas Ogle 2. Kiley Fellers 3. Matt Bowman 4. Cole Houser 5. Ken Hilton 6. Kevin Simington 7. Patrick Shaw 8. Brandy Phillips
2nd heat: 1. Joshua Shipley 2. Derek McCluskey 3. Jessica Patterson 4. Ken Perry 5. Jessie Houser 6. Steven Sanchez 7. Matt Biancani 8. Jeff Perry 9. Doug Welty 10. Buck Simington
Trophy dash: 1. Cole Houser 2. Joshua Shipley 3. Ken Perry 4. Steven Sanchez 5. Jessica Patterson 6. Jessie Houser






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