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By: Windy McDonald

Phoenix, AZ (June 29) Wilkins gets win his fifth Sprint Car win, Art Garcia outduels Cain to win the Dwarf Car feature and Jeff Henry takes Mini Sprint Car  win after Jeff Greszler is penalized in Saturday night's tripleheader at Manzanita Speedway.

Eric Wilkins was at his best and that was bad news for the rest of the Arizona Sprint Car Association field at Manzanita Speedway Saturday night. With the state's top non winged Sprint Car drivers lined up in front of him, Wilkins had his work cut out as the green flag dropped for the 25 lap ASCA feature. Bob Ream, Jr and five time champion Ricky Johnson started one row ahead of him while former champions Josh Pelkey and Marty Miller were in the fourth row.

As has been his custom, "The Whiz Kid" utilized speed and caution in working his way from his 11th starting berth to the front. His Buckley chassis let him run either high or low on the one third mile track and he slipped to the inside and quickly worked his way into the top five. He had the Westgate Electric/Canyon Aparrel machine in third by the 12th lap and made a move on the high side to get by second running Davey Bateman on lap #15.
He got a tremendous run on the bottom of the track following a restart for a Fred Bryan crash on the 16th lap and race leader Bobby Marcum fell victim to his charge. While Wilkins had put in a hard days work in getting to the front, once there he steadlily pulled away from the field.

Marcum drove his Black Hills Racing sprinter off the track two laps after losing the lead and parked it near the half mile track. "I started feeling a vibration about ten laps into the race. Then the U-Joint let go and that was it." Marcum told pit announcer Rick Setser. Marcum was later treated for bruised ankles as a result of a beating from the drive shapt.
Bateman could not stay with the points leader and was 4.91 seconds back at the checkered flag his second straight bridesmaid finish at Manzy.  Pelkey garnered his sixth top five finish of the year with a strong third place finish and Jeff Henry took fourth. Terry Belcher, Jr. made a great charge after tagging the field following a mid race incident that caused him to spin the Pritchett/Challenger Engine car. He drove all the way back to fifth, his third straight top five finish.

Rounding out the top ten were Miller, Nathan High, Rob Davis, Jason Sutphen and Ream. Ricky Johnson and Chris Bonneau also finished on the lead lap. Wilkins gave an early indication that his car was hooked up when he finished second to Belcher in the trophy dash and then came out of the back row to win his heat race over Ream and Bateman. Pelkey won the first eight lapper as he passed Belcher on the final lap. Marcum took third. In the third heat it was Bryan with a wire to wire win over Miller and Davis. Sutphen won the 12 lap semi with rookie driver Brian Hacker getting second, High third and Darrell Sickles fourth.

Wilkins padded his points lead as his closest pursers finished far back.  Ricky Johnson, second in the standings  ran in the top five for most of the race but jumped the cushion in the closing laps and finished 11th and third ranked Ream barely made it to the top ten. Wilkins will carry a 224 point lead over Johnson into the July 3 Action Pit Stop Firecracker 50 with Ream just one point behind Johnson,

1. Eric Wilkins 2345
2. Ricky Johnson 2121
3. Bob Ream, Jr. 2120
4. Marty Miller 2082
5. Josh Pelkey 2064
6. Jeff Henry 1967
7. Terry Belcher, Jr. 1842
8. Davey Bateman 1709
9. Jason Sutphen 1627
10. Fred Bryan 1460


Main event (25 laps) 1. Eric Wilkins 2. Davey Bateman 3. Josh Pelkey 4. Jeff Henry 5. Terry Belcher, Jr. 6. Marty Miller 7. Nathan High 8. Rob Davis 9. Jason Sutphen 10. Bob Ream, Jr. 11. Ricky Johnson 12. Chris Bonneau 13. Brian Hacker 14. Travis Cooley 15. Brandon George 16. Bobby Marcum 17. Fred Bryan 18. John Gaston 19. Darrell Sickles 20. Ben Gregg
Lap Leaders: 1-16, Marcum–17-25, Wilkins

Semi main (12 laps) 1. Jason Sutphen 2. Brian Hacker 3. Nathan High 4. Darrell Sickles 5. Brandon George 6. Travis Cooley 7. Ben Gregg 8. Chris Bonneau 9. Ron Kratz 10. Shon Deskins

1st heat: (8 laps, no time) 1. Josh Pelkey 2. Terry Belcher, Jr. 3. Bobby Marcum 4. Ricky Johnson 5. Ben Gregg 6. Chris Bonneau 7. Darrell Sickles 8. Shon Deskins

2nd heat: 8 laps-Time: 2:04.10) 1. Eric Wilkins 2. Bob Ream, Jr. 3. Davey Bateman 4. John Gaston 5. Jason Sutphen 6. Brian Hacker 7. Brandon George

3rd heat: (8 laps-Time: 2:06.03) 1. Fred Bryan 2. Marty Miller 3. Rob Davis 4. Jeff Henry 5. Nathan High 6. Ron Kratz 7. Travis Cooley

Trophy dash; (4 laps-Time: 1:01.82) 1. Terry Belcher, Jr. 2. Eric Wilkins 3. Davey Bateman 4. Bob Ream, Jr.

For the second time this year the winner of a Mini Sprint Car main event has finished third when he failed to drive to the tech inspection area for a post race check. This time is was veteran driver Jeff Greszler who led wire to wire for what would have been his fourth win of the year but Jeff Henry got the win after the penalty was assessed. Charles Mokry lost the June 18th race as a result of the same infraction. Former champion Dave Alexander moved up to second and Greszler was third on the official finish.

Greszler started third on a track that was still heavy and slick after water had been added during intermission and had the lead midway down the back straightaway of the first lap. The veteran drivers had little trouble mastering the tricky track and the newer drivers found the right groove after a couple of early yellow flags.

Henry used both grooves in moving from his fifth row starting berth but by the time he broke into second, Greszler was long gone. "I had nothing left for Jeff and he deserved to win. I hate to see the penalty, but I will take a win any way I can get it," he said in accepting the main event trophy.

Dustin Carmony was disqualified for failing to ever take his car to tech and lost his fourth place finish. Mark Stroh was the official fourth place finisher and Thomas Ogle took fifth. Behind them came Dennis Parks, Don Keesler, Terry Palmer, Alex Pruett and Kevin Wolfe.

Ogle came out of the second row to win the semi main over Pruett and Jim Preble.  Danny Mathus set a new eight lap record in winning his heat race. His time of 2:01.84 was almost two full seconds faster than the old mark of 2:03.75 held by Alexander. Duane Adams and Palmer trailed the record setter. Parks captured the first heat with Alexander and Greszler in pursuit and Jeff Perry beat Stroh and Carmony in the final heat.
The Mini Sprints will be part of the July 6th program which also features Super Stocks on the half mile track and Dwarf Cars

Main event: (15 laps)
1. Jeff Henry 2. Dave Alexander 3. Jeff Greszler 4. Mark Stroh 5. Thomas Ogle 6. Dennis Parks 7. Don Keesler 8. Terry Palmer 9. Alex Pruett 10. Kevin Wolfe 11. Mike Kuemper 12. Jeff Perry 13. Kurt Stults 14. Scott Pasmore 15. Danny Mathus 16. Matt Bowman 17. Lance Peterson 18. Jim Preble (Dustin Carmony DQ'D)
Lap leaders: 1-15 Greszler

1st heat: (8 laps-Time: 2:06.10) 1. Dennis Parks 2. Dave Alexander 3. Jeff Greszler 4. Jeff Henry 5. Don Keesler 6. Matt Bowman 7. Chris Day 8. Jim Mattison 9. Cole Hauser

2nd heat: (8 laps-Time: 2:01.84, NTR) 1. Danny Mathus 2. Duane Adams 3. Terry Palmer 4. Scott Pasmore 5. Charles Mokry 6. Kevin Wolfe 7. Jim Preble 8. Lance Peterson

3rd heat: (8 laps-Time: 2:05.13) 1. Jeff Perry 2. Mark Stroh 3. Dustin Carmony 4. Kurt Stults 5. Thomas Ogle 6. Alex Pruett 7. Kiley Fellers 8. Mike Kuemper
Trophy dash: (4 laps-Time:2:05.13) 1. Jeff Greszler 2. Dustin Carmony 3. Kevin Wolfe 4. Scott Pasmore

Back on April 12th, Art Garcia stole a main event from Kevin Cain with a final turn pass. Saturday night Cain almost got even but fell about half a car length short and Garcia notched his second win of the year.

Cain, the current points leader and five time champion, got to the front in a hurry. He started the 15 lap feature in the sixth row but had the lead on the third lap as he passed Matt Lund on a restart following a two car mishap. Garcia, who started one row in front of Cain, was also on the move and took second away from away from Lund on the fourth lap and three laps later he used the high side of the one third mile track to wrest the lead from Cain.

Cain continued to use the bottom of the track and pulled even with Garcia through each turn only to see the high grooving Garcia pull away as they exited the turns. Dino Soto briefly slipped into second on the 12th lap but Cain blew back by a lap later. He drove it in deep on the final lap but Garcia was still in front at the checkered flag. Soto took third, Sandy Matthews fourth and Lund hung on for fifth. The rest of the top ten were Tony Martin, David Brodeur, Rick Kochanowski, Kevin Stalbaum and Denny Dawty.
Paul Taylor came out on top in the semi main with Randy Paris and Helen Henesey trailing. Pat Henesey was better than Casey Cain and Lund in the first eight lap heat. Soto beat Kevin Cain and Matthews in the second heat while Garcia became a six time heat winner in disposing of Martin and George Rodick in the final heat. Martin won the IBEW dash for cash.

Main event: (15 laps-No time)
1. Art Garcia 2. Kevin Cain 3. Dino Soto 4. Sandy Matthews 5. Matt Lund 6. Tony Martin 7. David Brodeur 8. Rick Kochanowski 9. Kevin Stalbaum 10. Denny Dawty 11. Randy Paris 12. Casey Cain 13. Roger Dvork 14. Storm Phillips 15. Dennis Wutzke 16. Helen Henesey 17. Theron Bobbitt 18. Randi Phillips 19. Dennis Foxx 20. Bryan Henesey 21. Paul Taylor 22. Pat Henesey 23. Larry Ricker 24. George Rosnick
Lap Leaders: 1-2, Lund–3-7, K. Cain–8-15, Garcia

Semi main (10 laps, No time) 1. Paul Taylor 2. Randy Paris 3. Helen Henesey 4. Randi Phillips 5. Dennis Wutzke 6. Roger Dvork 7. Theron Bobbitt 8. Travis Seals 9. Tim Jones (DNS-Dennis Foxx)

1st heat: 8 laps-No time) 1. Pat Henesey 2. Casey Cain 3. Matt Lund 4. Denny Dawty 5. Bryan Henesey 6. Helen Henesey 7. Dennis Foxx 8. Randi Phillips 9. Randy Anderson

2nd heat: (8 laps-Time:2:30.48) 1. Dino Soto 2. Kevin Cain 3. Sandy Matthews 4. Kevin Stalbaum 5. Rick Kochanowski 6. Storm Phillips 7. Randy Paris 8. Travis Seals 9. Theron Bobbitt

3rd heat: ( 8 laps-Time: 2:31.75) 1. Art Garcia 2. Tony Martin 3. George Rosnick 4. Larry Ricker 5. David Brodeur 6. Paul Taylor 7. Tim Jones 8. Dennis Wutzke 9. Roger Dvork

Trophy dash (4 laps-Time:1:18.57) 1. Tony Martin 2. Rick Kochanowski 3. George Rosnick 4. Larry Ricker






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