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Champions repeat at Manzanita Speedway
by Windy McDonald

(October 25) With a total of 107 cars crowded into the pits champions showed how they won driving titles in Saturday night’s Family Fireworks Night presented by the Parker Store. Three of the four main and another former champion finished second. Between the four drivers they have won nine driving titles. 

Three time sprint car champion Jeremy Sherman inched ever closer to a fourth consecutive title, Jerry Coons, Jr., a two time USAC Midget national champion scored in a midget owned by JJ Yeley, Chris Snyder took his second straight Desert Dwarf car title and Bobby Taylor notched his third factory stock car driving championship. With a strong second place finish in the factory stocks his second place finish behind Lyle Askren, Jr. was more than he needed after his main competition, Ron Poe got caught up in a crash. 

Sherman proved once again that he is the best in the sprints as he beat Nathan High, Mike Leslie, R.J. Johnson and Andy Reinbold in the 30 lap sprint car main. He started on the outside of the second row in the 24 car field but had the outside of the front row for a restart brought about by first lap yellow for Jesse Dunham. However Nathan High led the first lap in the ABC Chevy but was in front the second time by the start finish line. 

While out front Sherman could not pull away from High but used lapped traffic to build a lead. He took the checkered flag for his 14th win of the year with the Discount Tire ASCS Canyon Region sprints and also has won a USAC/CRA race. His overall win total stands at 114, fifth on the all time winner’s list. 

Mike Leslie started 11th and drove the Kevin Montgomery/BG Chemical car to a third place finish ahead of R.J. Johnson and Andy Reinbold. Then came Mike Martin, Charles Davis, Jr., Casey Shuman, Mike Colegrove and Chris Bonneau.

Davis was the center of attention and he worked his way from the fourth row to challenge the leaders but jumped the cushion and dropped back in the field. He then put the Massey’s Motorsports sprinter on top of the fast one third mile track and began another charge. 

By this time even Sherman had chosen the bottom of the track but Davis used it to his advantage with the high groove fast in turns one and two but was slower at the other end of the track. He again pushed high, dropped back and could advance no further than seventh. Leslie was the hard charger of the race.

After setting unbelievable times on the 1/2 mile track the previous week, the sprints were again at top speed, especially in the heat races. Colegrove flirted with the eight lap track record as he beat Shuman, Derek Williams and Martin in the first heat. His time of 1:56.63 was just a tick of the clock off the record held by Davis of 1:55.72 or 82.958 m.p.h.. Davis set the mark in 2003. 

Bobby Taylor was also quick in the second heat with a 1:59.07, good enough to hold off Jeremy Reagles, Davis and Leslie. Sherman took the third heat with a run at 1:57.57. He was pushed hard by High with Johnson and Robert Ballou in pursuit. A yellow flag slowed the field in the final heat which went Reinbold over Jesse Dunham, Josh Pelkey and Jody Wirth. 

High scored his seventh trophy dash win of the year as he beat Reinbold, Johnson and Davis. Brandon Lane captured the ten car, eight lap semi main. 

Coons was never seriously challenged in the midget feature as he beat Nathan High, Dennis Howell and Jeff Perry in the 20 lap race that attracted several out of state cars among the 16 car field. Joey Fabozzi finished fifth ahead of Rick Shuman, Matt Lapp, Jonathon Henry, Austin Smith and Matt Rossi. 

Doug Dewitt had mechanical problems in the trophy dash and that left 15 cars lined up for the feature. However Johnson and Randi Pankratz flipped on the first lap. The on the restart Terry Goodwin flipped. None of the drivers were injured. 

Heats went to Coons and Johnson and Rossi won the trophy dash. 

Snyder played it safe in the 15 lap dwarf car feature until his nearest competitor, J.J. LeMoine dropped out at the midpoint of the feature. He then threw caution to the win and powered his way to the front of the field. He roared to his seventh main event win of the year with Todd Bennett, Helen Henesey, Mike Williams and Brian Stehr getting top five finishes. The rest of the top ten were Troy Wilkinson, Ryan Henesey, Eddie O’Neill, Kevin Stalbaum and Robert Ostrom. 

Snyder won the first heat in record time as he barely eclipsed Kevin Cain’s mark of 1:47.76 as he stopped the clock at 1:47.45. Taylor Cuzick finished second with Wilkinson, LeMoine and O’Neill in pursuit. The second heat went to Bennett over Tim Cotherman, Mike Bracy and Helen Henesey. Davis, who had earlier won the trophy dash took car of Stehr, Williams, Ryan Irish and Jake Jones in heat number three. The final heat went to Pat Henesey who held off Rat Stafford, Ostrom, Daniel Lamm and Cliff Lee. 

The Desert Dwarf Cars will hold their awards banquet next Saturday night and then get ready for the Dwarf Car and Mini Sprint Nationals November 21-22. 

The much anticipated final showdown for the factory stock car driving championship brought the night to a close. After winning the October 17th main event Ron Poe narrowed Bobby Taylor’s lead to just 13 points. He then won the trophy dash and the cut the margin to just nine. Taylor won his heat and Poe finished second in his heat so Taylor gained one point. 

Taylor shared the front row for the 26 car main event while Poe was right behind him. Lyle Askren, Jr. shot away from his pole position and Taylor followed him. Poe dropped back and then came roaring back and was in the thick of the battle but knew he had to finish six spots ahead of Taylor to get the championship. 

While working the ninth lap two cars made contact coming off turn two and Poe was caught with no place to go. He tried to squeeze between one of the cars and the back wall but made contact and broke the steering in his car. He pitted but lost four laps and Taylor kept his habit of winning championships as he added the 2008 title to those he won in 2003 and 2006. 

Askren held off Taylor to the checkered flag for his second win of the year. Brent Radtke finished third, Jody Henderson fourth and Danny Pearson fifth. The rest of the top ten were Daren Olney, Matt Martinez, Jason Harvil, Vance Honea and Bobby Erdman. 

Even finishing four laps down in 19th place Poe managed to lose only one position. But with a chance at his first driving title and then ended up third in the chase as Askren finished second was a hard pill to swallow. 

Askren set a new six lap record as he beat Poe, Radtke, Olney and Alex Stafford in the first heat. The old record was set by Anthony Madrid four years ago. His time was 2:00.20 and it was shattered as Askren stopped the clock at 1:57.98.

The second heat went to Taylor over Erdman, Henderson, Troy Mangano and Robert Weimer. The final heat had Radtke in front of Steve Shumaker, Pearson, Mark Millan and Brian Burchfield. 



Main Event: (30 laps) 1. Jeremy Sherman 2. Nathan High 3. Mike Leslie 4. R.J. Johnson 5. Andy Reinbold 6. Mike Martin 7. Charles Davis, Jr. 8. Casey Shuman 9. Mike Colegrove 10. Mike Bonneau 11. Jesse Dunham 12. Bobby Taylor 13. Brandon Lane 14. Jody Wirth 15. Jeremy Reagles 16. Thomas Ogle 17. Derek Williams 18. Zack Sawyer 19. Stevie Sussex 20. Rex Calderwood 21. Steve Harms 22. Robert Ballou 23. Josh Pelkey 24. Steve Tellas (no time)

Semi Main (8 laps) 1. Brandon Lane 2. Thomas Ogle 3. Zach Sawyer 4. Stevie Sussex, 5. Rex Calderwood, 6. Steve Harms, 7. Steve Tellas 8. Chris Bonneau, 9. Joshua Williams. DNS: Bob Ream, Jr., Alex Pettas, 6-Bryan Swinehart. (no time)

1st Heat: (8 laps) 1. Colegrove 2. Shuman 3. D. Williams 4. Martin 5. Harms 6. Josh Williams 7. Bob Ream, Jr. (time: 1:56.63)

2nd Heat: (8 laps) 1. Taylor 2. Reagles 3. Davis 4. Leslie 5. Sussex 6. Lane 7. Calderwood (time: 1:59.07)

3rd Heat: 1. Sherman 2. High 3. Johnson 4. Ballou 5. Bonneau 6. Tellas 7. Alex Pettas (time: 1:57.57)

4th Heat: (8 laps) 1. Reinbold 2. Dunham 3. Pelkey 4. Wirth 5. Brian Swinehart 6. Ogle 7. Sawyer (No time)

Arizona Race Mart Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. High 2. Reinbold 3. Johnson 4. Davis


Main Event (20 laps) 1. Jerry Coons, Jr. 2. Nathan High 3. Dennis Howell 4. Jeff Perry 5. Joey Fabozzi 6. Rick Shuman 7. Matt Lapp 8. Jonathon Henry 9. Austin Smith 10. Matt Rossi 11. Harris Brooks 12. Randi Pankratz 13. Larry Gibson 14. Terry Goodwin 15. R.J. Johnson (DNS-Doug DeWitt)

Lap leaders: laps 1-20 Coons

1st Heat: (6 laps) 1. Coons 2. Smith 3. Pankratz 4. Perry 5. High 6. Rossi 7. Henry 8. Fabozzi (no time)

2nd Heat: (6 laps) 1. Johnson 2. Gibson 3. Dennis Howell 4. Goodwin 5. Shuman 6. Brooks 7. Lapp DNS- DeWitt (time 2:04.17)

Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Rossi 2. Coons 3. Smith 4. DeWitt (time: 1:01.49)


Main Event: (20 laps) 1. Lyle Askren, Jr. 2. Bobby Taylor 3. Brent Radtke 4. Jody Henderson 5. Danny Pearson 6. Daren Olney 7. Matt Martinez 8. Jason Harvil 9. Vance Honea 10. Bobby Erdman 11. Alex Stafford 12. Mike Leslie 13. Mark Millan 14. Brian Burchfield 15. Tom Wirkus 16. Jennifer Palmer 17. Jerry Smith 18. #16 19. Ron Poe 20. Steve Shumaker 21. Robert Weimer 22. Troy Mangano 23. Bob Millan 24. Ed Zaragza (no time)

1st Heat: ( 6 laps) 1. Askren 2. Poe 3. Radtke 4. Olney 5. Stafford 6. Honea 7. #16. 8. Smith 9. Palmer 10. Zarasgza (time: 1:57.89-new track record)

2nd Heat: (6 laps) 1. Taylor 2. Erdman 3. Henderson 4. Mangano 5. Weimer 6. #10x 7. Leslie 8. Ron Smith 9. Wirkus 10. Martinez (no time)

3rd Heat: (6 laps) 1. Radtke 2. Shumaker 3. Pearson 4. M. Millan 5. Burchfield 6. Ruben Solares, Jr. 7. B. Millan 8. Allen Hakes 9. Joe Peterson (no time)

Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Poe 2. Radtke 3. Pearson 4. Askren (time: 1:15.92) 


Main Event: (15 laps) 1. Chris Snyder 2. Todd Bennett 3. Helen Henesey 4. Mike Williams 5. Brian Stehr 6. Troy Wilkinson 7. Ryan Henesey 8. Eddie O’Neill 9. Kevin Stalbaum 10. Robert Ostrom 11. Mike Bracy 12. Pat Henesey 13. Denny Dowty 14. Taylor Cuzick 15. Steve Kapaun 16. Tim Cotherman 17. Mike McGrellis 18. Rat Stafford 19. Jake Jones 20. JJ LeMoine 21. Steve Davis 22. Cliff Lee 23. Randy Johnson 

Semi Main: (8 laps) 1. O’Neill 2. Bracy 3. J. Jones 4. Dowty 5. Lee 6. H. Henesey 7. McGrellis 8. R. Henesey 9. Kapaun 10. Stalbaum 11. Chuck Vallone 12. Chad Stewart 13. Jerry Hartnett 14. Ryan Irish 15. Barbara Stafford 16. Tom Wormley 17. Brian Swartz 18. Jim Gemmell 19. Daniel Lamm (no time)

1st Heat: (6 laps) 1. Snyder 2. Cuzick 3. Wilkinson 4. LeMoine 5. O’Neill 6. Dowty 7. Kapaun 8. R. Henesey 9. Wormley (time: 1:47.45, new track record)

2nd Heat: 1. Bennett 2. Cotherman 3. Johnson 4. Bracy 5. H. Henesey 6. Kapaun 7. Stalbaum 8. Gemmell 9. Hartnett (time: 1:52.77) 

3rd Heat: (6 laps) 1. Davis 2. Stehr 3. Williams 4. Irish 5. Jones 6. McGrellis 7. Swartz 8. B. Stafford (no time)

4th Heat: 1. P. Henesey 2. R. Stafford 3. Ostrom 4. Lamm 5. Lee 6. Vallone-DNS, Aaron Jones, Jimmy Dentler 

Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Davis 2. Snyder 3. Stehr 4. LeMoine 






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