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 Press Release

Davis and Noll take Manzanita Mains Sat. Night
by Windy McDonald

(June 7) Manzanita Speedway’s best crowd of the year filled the grandstands to near capacity for Saturday night’s NAPA nightat the races and witnessed crowd pleasing main events in both the American Sprint Car Series on the one third mile track and the Barnett Dirt Modifieds on the half mile clay oval. For the sprints cars it was another Davis/Sherman show as they ran one-two for the fifth time this year. Charles Davis, Jr. came out of the fourth row, chased down Jeremy Sherman who had taken the lead on the third lap, and then made an pass on the low side of Manzy’s one third mile track on the 20th lap for the lead. He then pulled away in the remaining ten laps as Sherman’s car broke a suspension part but still managed a second place finish 6.7 seconds behind Davis at the checkered flag. Josh Pelkey came from tenth to third ahead of Mike Martin and Seainn Hendricsen. Rounding out the top ten were Nathan High, Jeremy Reagles, Mike Colegrove, Mike Leslie and Jeff Henry. Davis has finished second to Sherman twice and Sherman has now run second to Davis three times. 

Colegrove had problems in his heat race and started 23rd in the feature. He earned the hard charger award for his drive through the field to finish in the top ten. 

Despite a hard wind that had taken some of the moisture from the track the 1/3rd mile track provided a lot of passing in all three heat races. Davis flew out of the third row and had the lead before the first lap was completed. He then pulled away from Pelkey, Andy Reinbold, Martin and High for his second heat race win of the year. Reagles also started his heat on the outside of the third row but his Mopar engine was strong enough to carry him to the win over Sherman, Leland Michael, Steve Tellas and Thomas Ogle. The final heat was even better as R.J. Johnson started last in the seven car field and worked his way to the front to become high point driver through the heats. Falling victim to his charge were Hendricsen, Leslie, Stevie Sussex and Henry. 

Davis scored his first clean sweep of the year as he won his first trophy dash and then drove from sixth to first in his eight lap heat race. The win was his 52nd career win. 

Davis’ fourth win of the year moved him a little closer to Sherman’s points leading total. He now trails the three time defending champion by only 24 points. 

The high winds had dried out the half mile track and it made the heat races a little wild as the track was slick and dusty. Water was added to the track following their heat race and it produced a lot of three abreast racing in the main event. 

The Barnett Dirt Modifieds were on the half mile track for the second time this year and former champions Jason Noll and Anthony Madrid ran nose to tail in the 15 lap feature. Fourteen year old Timmy Ward led the first six laps then Noll took over and held off Madrid. Noll had only a car length advantage at the finish line. Tom Lucas, another former champion finished third, Tony Steele, who was among some of the three wide racing was fourth and Ward posted his first top five finish. The rest of the top ten, in order, were Chuck Kuehl, Terry Belcher, Jeff Stafford, Rene Madrid and Kenny Wyman. 
They were slipping and sliding in the heat races which were won by Madrid, Noll and Lucas. Madrid started fourth but was out front when the first lap was completed. Terry Belcher, Jr. stated eighth and ran second with Wyman, Sammy Schoolcraft next across the finish line. 

Noll also started fourth in his heat race and charged to the front. Behind him at the checkered flag were Kuehl, Ward, Joe Haresky and Greg Bedia. The final heat went to Lucas over Stafford, Steele, Ryan Henesey and Chris McCurdy, Jr. 

McCurdy flipped on the third lap as he bicycled in turn three, dug in and did a series of barrel rolls. He managed to walk away from his badly damaged car. 

Madrid, who is seeking his 11th overall driving championship, his third in the dirt modifieds, still holds a commanding lead over Noll with the only six points races remaining. 



Main Event: (30 laps) 1. Charles Davis, Jr. 2. Jeremy Sherman 3. Josh Pelkey 4. Mike Martin 5. Seainn Hendricsen 6. Nathan High 7. Jeremy Reagles 8. Mike Colegrove 9. Mike Leslie 10. Jeff Henry 11. Justin Fisher 12. Andy Reinbold 13. Thomas Ogle 14. Bernie Smith 15. Jody Wirth 16. Derek Williams 17. Steve Tellis 18. Derek Sell 19. R.J. Johnson 20. Leland Michael 21. Adam Wirth 22. Stevie Sussex 23. Nick Aiuto

Lap leaders: laps 1-2 Leslie, laps 3-20 Sherman, laps 21-30 Davis

1st Heat: (8 laps) 1. Charles Davis, Jr. 2. Josh Pelkey 3. Andy Reinbold 4. Mike Martin 5. Nathan High 6. Nick Aiuto 7. Justin Fisher 8. Bernie Smith (time-2:07.41)

2nd Heat: (8 laps) 1. Jeremy Reagles 2. Jeremy Sherman 3. Leland Michael 4. Steve Tellas 5. Thomas Ogle 6. Derek Williams 7. Adam Wirth 8. Mike Colegrove (no time) 

3rd Heat: (8 laps) 1. R.J. Johnson 2. Seainn Hendricsen 3. Mike Leslie 4. Stevie Sussex 5. Jeff Henry 6. Jody Wirth 7. Derek Sell (time-2:10.29)

Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Davis, Jr. 2. Johnson 3. Reagles 4. Pelkey (time-103.13)


Main Event: (15 laps) 1. Jason Noll 2. Anthony Madrid 3. Tom Lucas 4. Tony Steele 5. Timmy Ward 6. Chuck Kuehl 7. Terry Belcher 8. Jeff Stafford 9. Rene Madrid 10. Kenny Wyman 11. Joe Haresky 12. Ryan Henesey 13. Greg Bedia 14. Sammy Schoolcraft 15. Dave Dulceak 16. Reeve Staley 17. Bill Miller 18. Chris McCurdy, Jr. 19. Brian Zalenka 20. Terry Belcher, Jr. 21. Jerry Walters 

Lap leaders: laps 1-6 Ward, 7-15 Noll

1st Heat: (6 laps) 1. Madrid 2. Belcher, Jr. 3. Wyman 4. Schoolcraft 5. Dulceak 6. R. Madrid 7. Belcher 8. Walters (no time)

2nd Heat: (6 laps) 1. Noll 2. Kuehl 3. Ward 4. Haresky 5. Bedia 6. Staley 7. Zalenka (time-2:29.47)

3rd Heat: (6 laps) 1. Lucas 2. Stafford 3. Steele 4. Henesey 5. McCurdy 6. Miller 7. Duane Rogers (time-2:24.51)






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