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Sherman wins at Manzanita, so does the Children's Hospital
by Windy McDonald

(May 3) Another classic battle between Jeremy Sherman and Charles Davis, Jr. at Manzanita Speedway Saturday night was overshadowed somewhat by the fans who came up big in helping the Phoenix Children’ hospital. The fans brought hundreds of stuffed toys to the track and then, through silent auctions, a regular auction and other fund raisers brought in well over $10,000 which also went to the Children’s hospital in the name of Kole Caskey, the son of a racing family who passed away March 9th. Items donated by NASCAR stars Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson were the most expensive items. Johnson’s personal racing jacket, autographed and also signed by his entire pit crew, went for $2.000 and a Tony Stewart replica autographed helmet added $3300 to the pot.

Manzanita and its fans also presented the Caskey family with an all expense paid vacation at Disney Land for the entire family which includes the two brothers that in addition to Kole were triplets. 

The method of lining up the feature race was changed this week after officials suspected the some drivers were dogging it a little in the heat races so that they could start nearer the front. Now the high point driver through the heats rolls the die and the number that comes up is the number of drivers that will draw a pill for their starting berth. 

Charles Davis, Jr., after driving from fifth to first in his heat, was the high point man and he rolled a 12. Sherman pulled #1 on his draw. 

The American Sprint Car Series feature race had Sherman on the pole with Davis lined up in the fourth row. Davis quickly moved into second and for the final 20 laps dogged Sherman and never was more than a couple of car lengths behind the leader. Sherman led all 30 laps as he won his third feature of the year and Davis, a two time winner, finished second for the fourth time. Andy Reinbold had his best finish of the year with a strong third place finish. Mike Colegrove was the hard charger of the race when he lined up in the inside of the ninth row for the start and crossed the finish line in fourth. Shon Deskins also made up a lot of ground with a drive from 13th to fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Bob Ream, Jr., Jeremy Reagles, R.J. Johnson, Mike Leslie and Jay Ervine. 

Reagles had his Mopar humming and won the first ten lap heat race with a drive from third with Nick Aiuto, Leslie and Ervine trailing. The second heat was by far the best with no only Davis passing four cars but Johnson did the same after sharing the third row with Davis. Behind the front runners were Ream and Deskins. Sherman had the pole for the final heat and held off Josh Pelkey for the win with Seainn Hendricsen third ahead of Reinbold. Nathan High scored his third trophy Dash win with Davis, Sherman and Johnson giving chase. 

Davis fell back to 38 points behind Sherman in the chase for the championship. The Sprint Cars will visit Central Arizona Raceway next week and return to Manzanita for The Wayne Weiler Salute to Indy on May 24. 

Mini sprints and modified midgets provided a combined field of 46 cars, as they came to aid Ken and Adrea Caskey. Ken was one of the top mini sprint drivers and hopes to return to racing before the season ends. The field ran two main events Russ Martin ended Kiley Fellers three race win streak in the first feature and Dennis Carrier topped Josh Castro in the other. 

Martin and Fellers shared the fifth row at the drop of the green and they chased down Datten Gabbard on the 10th lap with Morgan in front. Fellers, driving the high side of the one third mile track took over on the 11th lap but Martin made the low groove work and was back in front and lead the final three laps. Paul Martin finished third, Matt Jackson fourth and Gabbard fifth. Behind them were Zack Sawyer, B.J. Arntz, Austin Quick, Rick Shuman, Jim Mattison and Dave Van Ess. 

The yellow flag fell early and often in the second main and the officials finally cut the race to 10 laps from the scheduled 15. Nick Aiuto, driving for Ken Caskey, led the first lap but gave was to Josh Pelkey a lap later. Castro kept the lead until Carrier shot by and led the field to the checkered flag six laps later. Castro held off Dennis Parks for second and Adam Milsap beat Kurt Stults for fourth. Rounding out the top ten were Aiuto, Cliff Cormany, Chad Fifte, Ashley Robella and Ron Saunders. 

The mini sprints ran three ten lap heat races and the modified midgets ran two. Fellers beat Joshua Shipley, Mattison and J.D. Bernal in the first mini sprint heat. The second heat went to Carrier over Stults, Ronnie Smith and Kyle Shipley. Brandon George came out of the third row to win the final mini sprint heat. Behind him at the checkered flag were Castro, Shuman and Parks.

Paul Martin and Milsap won the modified midget heats. Martin beat Gabbard, Arntz and Jackson while Milsap was better than Aiuto, Russ Morgan and Fife.

Russ Martin won the modified midget dash and Tyler Keesler won the dash for the mini sprints.

Only six midgets were on hand for the race. Nathan High, the 2007 AMRA champion won the 10 lap feature with points leader R.J. Johnson second, Terry Goodwin third, Joshua Shipley fourth and Michael Marfia fifth. Jeff Perry lost an engine in the heat race and did not compete. Johnson won the heat and the dash. 

The midgets came out with only six cars and Nathan High won the 10 lap race.



Main Event: (30 laps) 1. Jeremy Sherman 2. Charles Davis Jr. 3. Andy Reinbold 4. Mike Colegrove 5. Shon Deskins 6. Bob Ream, Jr. 7. Jeremy Sherman 8. R.J. Johnson 9. Mike Leslie 10. Jay Ervine 11. Mike Martin 12. Nathan High 13. Stevie Sussex 14. Jeff Henry 15. Bobby Taylor 16. Nick Aiuto 17. Ronnie Smith 18. Jody Wirth 19. Derek Sells 20. Steve Tellas 21. Derek Williams 22. Josh Pelkey 23. Justin Fisher 24. Seainn Hendricsen

Lap leaders: laps 1-30 Sherman

1st Heat: (10 laps) 1. Jeremy Reagles 2. Nick Aiuto 3. Mike Leslie 4. Jay Ervine 5. Bobby Taylor 6. Stevie Sussex 7. Jody Wirth 8. Steve Tellas 9. Derek Sells (time-2:31.90)

2nd Heat: (10 laps) 1. Charles Davis, Jr. 2. R.J. Johnson 3. Bob Ream, Jr. 4. Shon Deskins 5. Mike Martin 6. Mike Colegrove 7. Jeff Henry 8. Thomas Ogle (DNS-Carson Ditsh-time-2:31.81)

3rd Heat: (10 laps) 1. Jeremy Sherman 2. Josh Pelkey 3. Seainn Hendricsen 4. Andy Reinbold 5. Nathan High 6. Ronnie Smith 7. Justin Fisher 8. Derek Williams 9. Zack Sawyer (time-2:32.66)

Semi Main: (10 laps) 1. Mike Colegrove 2. Justin Fisher 3. Ronnie Smith 4. Jeff Henry 5. Steve Tellas 6. Derek Williams 7. Jody Wirth 8. Derek Sells 9. Zack Sawyer 10. Thomas Ogle

Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Nathan High 2. Charles Davis, Jr. 3. Jeremy Sherman 4. R.J. Johnson (time-1:01.51)


1st Main Event: (15 laps) 1. Russ Martin 2. Kiley Fellers 3. Paul Martin 4. Datten Gabbard 5. Matt Jackson 6. Zack Sawyer 7. B.J. Arntz 8. Austin Quick 9. Rick Shuman 10. Jim Mattison 11. Dave Van Ness 12. Moe Franz 13. J.D. Bernal 14. Pat Wing 15. Trey Deane 16. Tyler Ydbarra 17. Tyler Merrill 18. Mike Visser 19. Derek Sell 20. Brandon George 

:Lap leaders: 1. laps 1-9 Gabbard, lap 10 R. Martin, laps 11-12 Fellers, laps 13-15 R. Martin.

2nd Main Event: (10 laps) 1. Dennis Carrier 2. Josh Castro 3. Dennis Parks 4. Adam Milsap 5. Kurt Stults 6. Nick Aiuto 7. Dustin Cormany 8. Chad Fife 9. Ashley Robella 10. Ron Saunders 11. Dylan Cappello 12. Ryan Walter 13. Donna Kotlinski 14. Daniel Doherty 15. Justin Quinn 16. Josh Center 17. Travis Keesler 18. Joshua Shipley 19. Kyle Shipley 20. Moe Frantz 21. #17x

Lap leaders: lap 1 Aiuto, laps 1-4 Castro, laps 5-10 Carrier


1st: 1. Kiley Fellers 2. Joshua Shipley 3. Jim Mattison 4. J.D. Bernal 5. Pat Wing 6. Tyler Keesler 7. Rick Alexander 8. Mike Visser 9. Derek Williams (no time)

2nd 1. Dennis Carrier 2. Kurt Stults 3. Ronnie Smith 4. Kyle Shipley 5. Cliff Cormany 6. Ashley Robella 7. Ryan Walter 8. Donna Kotlinski 9. Dustin Cormany (time-2:43.48)

3rd: 1. Brandon George 2. Josh Castro 3. Rick Shuman 4. Dennis Parks 5. Austin Quick 6. #17x 7. Dallas Caldwell

Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Tyler Keesler 2. Cliff Cormany 3. Jim Mattison 4. Rick Shuman 5. Pat Wing (time-1:05.17)


1st: 1. Paul Martin 2. Datten Gabbard 3. B.J. Arntz 4. Matt Jackson 5. Zack Sawyer 6. Derek Sell 7. Trey Deane 8. Tyler Ybarra 9. Dave Van Ess 10. Tyler Deane 11. Tyler Merrill (no time)

2nd: 1. Adam Milsap 2. Nick Aiuto 3. Russ Martin 4. Chad Fife 5. Moe Franz 6. Ron Saunders 7. Dylan Cappello 8. Josh Center 9. Daniel Doherty 10. Justin Quinn (no time)

Trophy Dash: 1. Russ Martin 2. Paul Martin 3. Dylan Cappello 4. Matt Jackson 5. Ron Saunders 6. Dave Van Ess (time-1:08.18)


Main Event: (10 laps) 1. Nathan High 2. R.J. Johnson 3. Joshua Shipley 4. Terry Goodwin 5. Michael Marfia (DNS Jeff Perry)

Lap leaders: laps 1-3 Marfia, laps 4-10 High

Heat Race: (6 laps) 1. R.J. Johnson 2. Michael Marfia 3. Terry Goodwin 4. Joshua Shipley 5. Jeff Perry (DNS-Nathan High-time-1:34.42))

Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. R.J. Johnson 2. Joshua Shipley 3. Jeff Perry (DNS High-Time, 1:02.16)






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