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Coons scores improbable win in Manzanita's Western
by Windy McDonald

NOVEMBER 10, 2007--- Jerry Coons, Jr. scored the most improbable win ever in a Western World Champion race in front of a standing room only crowd at Manzanita Speedway Saturday night. A penalty that put his car at the rear of the 28 car field diminished any hopes he had of repeating his Friday night win. Instead it led to one of the greatest drives in Manzanita Speedway’s Western World Championships 39 year history. 

Coons car failed to be on line for the introduction of drivers and instead of starting sixth in the 40 lap main event he lined up in the 13th row. His drive to the front took 38 laps as he gained four positions in the closing laps to take the biggest win of his career. He not only pocketed the $12,000 winner’s share of the purse, he also collected money as the hard charger of the race.

Dave Darland of Lincoln, IN took the lead from Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. of Olive Branch, MS on the 15th lap and appeared to have a second Western World title in hand. Darland, winner of the 2005 Western, saw his big lead vanish when a yellow flag came out with eight laps remaining. Coons was running fourth at the time but using the low side of the half mile track he went by Ricky Stenhouse, Bud Kaeding and finally made the winning move on the 38th lap to drop Darland to second. Kaeding, the 2002 and 2004 Western World champion finished third and Stenhouse, who led the 1st 16 laps, finished fourth just ahead of Darren Hagen who started 27th. Rounding out the top ten were Jeremy Sherman, Casey Shuman, Brad Sweet, Brady Short and Jon Stanbrough.

The evening started off with the 20 lap "C" main which had the top 12 transferring to the "B". Dustin Morgan took the win with JJ Yeley’s driver Hunter Scheurenberg second, Charles Davis, Jr. third, Cole Whitt fourth and Matt Rossi fifth.

Shuman made it look easy in winning the 20 lap "B" main. Sherman, Rick Ziehl, Danny Sheridan and Josh Ford were in pursuit. 

Kelly Boen of Henderson, CO., avenged a second place finish in the Thursday night Western All Stars late model feature as he took home the winner’s check Saturday night. The Henderson, CO racer survived a race that had only eight of the 24 car field running at the end of the 30 lap feature. A massive crash with three laps remaining eliminated the home state favorite, JJ Yeley as well as cars driven by Rob Mayea, Mike Johnson and Karl Tipton. 

Chris Shannon finished second ahead of Ron Bartels, Mike Stadel and John Duty. Behind the top five were Jeffrey Priddy, Chad Jones, Mike Hickson, Scott James and Trevor Glaser. 

The late models ran four ten lap qualifying races with the top four in each transferring to the 30 lap feature. Mike Marier beat Zack Forster, Rob Mayea and Dean Moore in the first race. The second qualifier went to A.J. Kirkpatrick. Also transferring to the main were John Anderson, Duty and Stadel. Qualifier #3 put Shannon, Kellen Chadwick, Boen and Bruce Dukett in the main. The 4th qualifier went to James who beat Hickson, Glaser and Shannon. 

The rest of the show, two last chance races and the main event were run after the sprint car feature and their presentations were completed.

It made for a late, late night and early morning but the racing was great. Jeffrey Priddy won the first last chamce race and Brad Williams, Shannon and Brad Pounds earned theri way into the feature. Yeley thrilled the home town crowd with a great drive to win the second last chance race. He took Ron Bartels, Mike Balcaen and his team mate Mike Johnson with him to the feature. 



Main Event a(40 laps)

"C" MAIN: (20 laps) 1. Dustin Morgan (#11 Walker/Guiducci), 2. Hunter Scheurenberg (#2J Yeley), 3. Charles Davis Jr. (#50az Massey), 4. Cole Whitt (#29w CW), 5. Matt Rossi (#02 Rossi), 6. Nathan High (#12 Allen), 7. Bret Mellenberndt (#97 Mellenberndt), 8. Michael Trimble (#21T Kruseman), 9. Davey Pombo (#38T Crossno), 10. Andrew Reinbold (#19x Reinbold), 11. Blake Miller (#93 Gardner), 12. David Cardey (#83 Crossno), 13. Mike Martin (#16m Martin), 14. Thomas Ogle (#5az Turner), 15. Mike Leslie (#76 Montgomery), 16. Bill Rose (#67 Kunz), 17. Nadine Gardner (#16 Gardner), 18. Justin Fisher (#61 Taylor), 19. Kyle Bates (#397 Sick Fast), 20. Scotty Weir (#38 Crossno), 21. Cole Carter (#77 Carter), 22. Cory Kruseman (#21k Kruseman), 23. Jay Ervine (#5 Pritchett), 

"B" MAIN (Semi): (20 laps) 1. Casey Shuman (#2az Massey), 2. Jeremy Sherman (#75x Sourant), 3. Rick Ziehl (#33 Tutco), 4. Danny Sheridan (#18 Kittle), 5. Josh Ford (#73 Ford), 6. Jon Stanbrough (#97x Crossno), 7. R.J. Johnson (#15 Martin), 8. Shane Cottle (#10T R & B), 9. Garrett Hansen (#7 Priestley), 10. Scheurenberg, 11. Whitt, 12. Morgan, 13. Mat Neely (#10 R & B), 14. Trimble, 15. High, 16. Reinbold, 17. Mellenberndt, 18. Rip Williams (#3 Jory), 19. Thomas Meseraull (#71x Indy Race Parts), 20. Rickie Gaunt (#94 Gardner), 21. Davis, 22. Rossi, 23. Tony Jones (#4 Alexander), 24. Pombo. NT

FEATURE: (40 laps) 1. Jerry Coons Jr. (#69 Dynamics), 2. Dave Darland (#44 Pace), 3. Bud Kaeding (#29 BK), 4. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (#21 Stewart), 5. Darren Hagen (#67K Kunz), 6. Jeremy Sherman (#75x Sourant) 7. Casey Shuman,(#2az Massey) 8. Brad Sweet (#9 Kahne), 9. Brady Short (#2B 2B Racing), 10. Jon Stanbrough, 11. Mat Neely,, (#10 R&B Racing) 12. Chris Windom (#17 Windom), 13. Damion Gardner (#71 Leffler), 14. Mike Spencer (#50 Chaffin), 15. Tony Jones,(#4 Alexander) 16. Rick Ziehl, (#33 Tutco) 17. R.J. Johnson, (#15 Martin)18. Josh Ford,(#73 Ford) 19. Jesse Hockett (#75 VKCC), 20. Cole Whitt, (#29W Red Bull)21. Garrett Hansen (#7 Priestley) , 22. Hunter Scheurenberg, (#2j Yeley) 23. Levi Jones (#20 Stewart), 24. Rip Williams, ( #3 Jory) 25. Dustin Morgan, (#11 Guiducci)26. Danny Sheridan, (#18 Kittle)27. Brady Bacon (#99 Kahne), 28. Shane Cottle, (#10t R&B) NT


Main Event (30 laps) 1. Kelly Boen 2. Chris Shannon 3. Ron Bartels 4. Mike Stadel 5. John Duty 6. Jeffrey Priddy 7. Chad Jones 8. Mike Hickson 9. Scott James 10. Trevor Glaser 11. Rob Mayea 12. JJ Yeley 13. Mike Johnson 14. Karl Tipton 15. Mike Marier 16. Dean Moore 17. John Anderson 18. Zack Forster 19. Mike Balcaen 20. Chet Buckley 21. Brad Williams 22. Scott Pounds 23 A.J. Kirkpatrick 24. Kellen Chadwick 

1st Qualifier (10 laps) 1. Mike Marier 2. Zack Forster 3. Rob Mayea 4. Dean Moore 5. Tommy Hussack 6. John Hall, IV 7. Bill Bartels 8. Nick Bartels 9. Mike Hickson 

2nd Qualifier (10 laps) 1. A.J. Kirkpatrick 2. John Anderson 3. John Duty 4. Mike Stadel 5. Mike Tahtinen 6. Brad Williams 7. Jeffrey Priddy 8 Phillip Priddy 9. Chad Jones 10. Mike Kirby 11. Carla Laney 12. Joey Moriarity

3rd Qualifier (10 laps) 1. Chris Shannon 2. Kellen Chadwick 3. Kelly Boen 4. Karl Tipton 5. Ron Bartels 6. Bruce Duckett 7. JJ Yeley 8. Nick Bartels 9. Art Lacy 10. Kevin Hocking 11. Mike Johnson 12. Mark Carrol

4th Qualifier (10 laps) 1. Scott James 2. Dino Napier 3. Trevor Glasser 4. Chet Buckley 5. John Kuchar 6. Mike Balcaen 7. Wes Hall 8. Jim Whisler 9. Jeff Dunham 10. Bill Pearson 11. A.J 12. Cory Kruseman 

1st Last Chance: (12 laps)1. Jeffrey Priddy 2. Brad Williams 3. Brad Pounds 4. Chad Jones 5. Phillip Priddy 6. Bill Pearson 7. Rick Wyatt 8. Bill Bartels 9. Curtis Odom 10. Bruce Duckett 11. Tommy Hussack 12. John Hall, IV

2nd Last Chance (12 laps) 1. JJ Yeley 2. Ron Bartels 3. Mike Balcaen 4. Jeffrey Priddy 5. Nick Bartels 6. John Kuchar 7. Cory Kruesman 8. Jim Whisler 9. Wes Hall 10. Bruce Duckett 11. Ron Meyer

Dash for Cash (6 laps) 1. Scott James 2. John Anderson 3. Mike Marier 4. Kelly Boen 5. Kellen Chadwick 6. Karl Tipton 7. A.J. Kirkpatrick 8. Mike Johnson 






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