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Checkered Flag Falls on “October Series” at I-70 Speedway

Odessa, MO (October 27, 2007) -- A total of 77 cars in 4 different classes signed in for the final Dirt Track event of the 2007 season at I-70 Speedway. I-70 Owner, Brad McDonald expresses his thanks to all of the “October Series” competitors, car owners, crews and fans who came out to support the series of Saturday night races on the Dirt Track. “The drivers, their owners and crews have been absolutely the best and I truly hope the fans fell like they saw great racing these past few Saturdays”, stated McDonald. “As we were getting ready to leave last night, one of our Sprint Car regulars asked us, if the weather was good next week, could we start a November series”? “We will defiantly be ready, when April rolls around, to get started again”, was McDonalds reply. 

Twenty Two I-70 Speedway Sprint Cars checked in. Through 3 qualifying Heat Races, and a Pole Dash, the Feature line up was set. In only his third time out in a Sprint Car with out a wing, #24L Lanny Carpenter got his first win by leading the other 5 cars to the checkered flag during the Sprint Car Pole Dash. Following Carpenter in the dash was the 44 of Phil Heavelow, the 82 of Michael Brown, # 2B Joe Boyles, the D1 of Barry Lamb and the #55 Kenny Potter. Carpenter also won the coin toss by calling heads so, it was a heads up start for the Feature. Holding off early race challenges and lead changes, Carpenter regained the led for good on lap 20 to win his first Feature event at I-70 and his first ever win with out a wing. After trading places with Carpenter several times, finishing second was the 44 of Phil Heavelow, followed by #51 Mitchell Moore, the 2B of Joe Boyles, #14 Tim Koch, the D1 of Barry Lamb, # 82 Michael Brown, the 26 of Rick Smith, #55 Kenny Potter, the 75G of Rob Hockett, #12H John Helm, the 24 of Alan Billings, #12B Mike Boyer, the 0 of Drew Grayson, #21 Tony Amoroso, the 12 of Ryan Rector, #85 Christi Hoenshell, the 23 of Eric Jobe, #88 Chad Tye, the 13 of Kenny Bowers and the #13L David Long. The #11 Blake David was unable to make the call for the Feature event. Sprint Car racing will resume next spring at I-70 Speedway, it has been announced that the Sprinters will be the Featured class every other Saturday night during the 2008 Dirt Track season.

ULMA Late Models were on hand representing the first time Late Models have competed on the Dirt Track. The #4 of Chad Frewaldt led green to checker, to become the first ever Late Model Feature winner on the Dirt Track at I-70. Chasing Frewaldt to the line was the 73B of Shad Badder, #1 James Rutledge, 27 Danny Lorton, the X of Kevin Coyne, #1M Tom Makings, the 51M of Mike Ryun, #3A John Farmer and the 12C of Steven Clancy.

23 Modifieds from 3 states were on hand for their final night on the dirt in 2007. Qualifying through 3 heat races, the Mods lined up for their 25 lap A Feature. It was Odessa’s own Don Danner crossing the finish line first. Piloting his #171, Danner took the led on lap three and he never looked back. Behind Danner was the 43 of Craig Wood, #8M James McMillin, the 91 of Eddie Schwope Jr., #96c Jim Cameron, the 26SS of Steven Glenn. #90 Terry Schultz, the 10P of Jason Pursley, #24D Chris Tonoli, the 09 of Chad Eickleberry, #66 Darryl Turner, the 93 of Rick Germer, #88D Tim Dotson, the F16 of Blaine Nolker, #F86 Jim Nolker, the 68 of Dean Willie, #92 Yancy Shepard, the 12C of Merrill Crose and #59 Ryan Roberts. The 57 of Cliff Hamilton, #44G Randy Grimmett and the 73 of Truman Asher were unable to make the call for the Feature event.

The DCRA Dwarf Car / Mod Lites were 23 cars strong for their final event of 2007. Three Heat races qualified the 23 cars for their Feature event. Returning to victory lane was the 64 of David Raffurty. Behind Raffurty was #144 Danny Lane, the 181 of Jim Seichepine, #66 Eric Henrickson, the 11 of Kevin David, #4 Greg Nellis, the 48B of Brandon Gray, #22 Joel Huggins, the 641 Michael Raffuty, #60 Don Robbins, the 7 of Elmo Lane, #12S Doug Pollock, the 16 of Willie Bergstrom, #8 Mike Thomas, the 17X, # 24 Gary McDaniel, the 19 of Ethan Houton, #44 Mike Kennedy, the 7X, #69B Justin Buchholz and the 46 of Daryl Kabriel. DCRA drivers represented four different states on this night. Fans will see the DCRA group next year on a regular basis at I-70 Speedway, as the Dwarf Car / Mod Lites will also be featured, on Saturday nights, on an every other week basis, opposite the I-70 Sprint Cars.

For information about I-70 Speedway and to keep up on off season news and 2008 announcements, log on at: or call the I-70 Speedway office at: (816) 230-0080 






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