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104 Cars Check in for “October Series” Round Two

Odessa, MO (October 20, 2007) – Sunny skies, and warm temperatures brought drivers and fans alike out for a night racing at I-70 Speedway. “We were all very happy to see 104 total cars check in to race, we were a bit surprised and I must admit a little overwhelmed with the numbers”, commented Brad McDonald, I-70 Speedway Owner. “Getting that many competitors checked in got us off to a late start but I guess that is a good problem to have. We also had a lengthy delay when we had to extricate one of our Sport Compact drivers after contact with another car pined her in the drivers seat”, continued McDonald. “I felt sorry for putting the fans and drivers through such a long show but our first concern is the safety of our competitors”. “Under the circumstances, our staff did the best they could to keep the show rolling”, concluded McDonald.

A record 33 Sprint Cars checked in on Saturday. 24 of those cars qualified for the A feature through 4 Heat Races, a B Feature and a Pole Dash. 17 sprinters went to the B Feature, the top 8 moving on to the A Feature. Winning the B Feature was the 85 of Christi Hoenshell, followed by #D1 Barry Lamb, the 89 of Todd McVay, #2 Smokey Fairbank, the 26 of Rick Smith, #23 Cody Salem, the 13L of David Long and the #41 Scot Comstock. The 25 Lap A Feature was won buy the “Rocket” from Warsaw, #3 Jesse Hockett. Chasing Hockett was the 55 of Ken Potter, #82 Michael Brown, the 24 of Allen Billings, #2b Joe Boyles, the 65 of Chris Parkinson, #75g Rob Hockett, the 14 of Tim Koch, #D1 Barry Lamb, the 85 of Christi Hoenshell, #89 Todd McVay, the 2 of Smokey Fairbank, #77 John Klabunde, the 18, # 13L David Long, the 23 of Cody Salem, #12b Mike Boyer, the 21h of Terry Hinck, #75 Tyler Blank, the 19 of Brandon Gray, #44 Phil Heavelow, the 43 of Frank Brown, #41 Scot Comstock and the 26 of Rick Smith.

Mini Sprints made their first appearance at I-70 Speedway with two classes including a 600 cc Open Winged class and a 600 cc Open Non-Winged class. 

34 cars checked in to compete in the Winged class, 20 cars qualified for the A Feature through 5 Heat Races and a B Feature with the top five from the B moving to the A Feature. Winning the B feature was the 12 of Jason Newman, followed by #11x Wyatt Burks, the 20c of Randy Corpering, #29 John Lowe, the 99p of Marty Pinkepank, #41 Bill Nolker, the 99 of Steven Steen, #65 T.J. Muths, the 20h, #99x Justin Cook, the 15x of Quinton Benson, #21, the 23 of Loyd Dickey, #8 Ted Roush, the 16 of Zach Roush and #19 Donnie Miller. The 20 lap A Feature was won by #38 Cody Baker. Following Baker was the 37 of Brian Beebe, #321 Chad Winfrey, the 15x Quinton Benson, #77a Tom Athon, the 71 of Shan Brandt, #77b Brooke Green, the 12 of Jason Newman, #2 Lauren Klem, the 99p Marty Pinkepank, #11x Wyatt Burks, the 86 of Larry Tomich, #20c Randy Corpering, the 98 of Fred Crain, #29 John Lowe, the 20, #22 Dave Pruett, the 21j of Dan Johnson and #73 Lane Stone. The 69 of Brett Shepard was unable to make the call for the feature.

14 of the Mini Sprints signed in to compete in the 600 cc Non-Winged class. Crossing the Finish Line first in the A Feature was the 321 of Chad Winfrey. Behind Winfrey was the 38 of Cody Baker, #77 Brooke Green, the 41 of Bill Nolker, #12 Jason Newman, the 46 of Henry Carrel, #29 John Lowe, the 14 of Carl Lewis, #20c Randy Corpering, the 11x of Wyatt Burks, and #73 Zach Sanders. The 6 of Shawn Kern, #19 Donnie Miller and the 29x were unable to make the call for the A Feature.

In the Sport Compact class, the #32 of Alan Guthrie took the checkered flag first. Chasing Guthrie was the 11k of Kyle Smith, #62 Wade Sherman, the 74 of Jason Eagleson, #7 Gary Welton, the 14x of Jason Ropers, #21 Brooke Hassler, the 62j of Jessica Clemons, #7x David Edwards, the 71 of Justin Marrant and #16 Frank Reed.

The # C4 of Connie Sue Moss was unable to make the feature after a terrible crash in her Heat Race. Connie Sue was extricated and transported to the hospital. Reports by the end of the night were that Connie Sue suffered a concussion and was released to go home.

The fan favorite Farm Truck feature saw #10 Melford Simpson return to Victory Lane. On Simpson’s tall gate was the 420 of Phil Burns, #16 Walter Cox, the 2 of Bryan Schwartz, #91 Glenn Fox, the 51 of Seth Dade, #11 Jim Nelson, the 911 of Richard Scott, #9 Tyler Wachs and the 77 of Nicole Simpson. The 13x of Tom Corum and 14x of Jason Roberts were unable to make the call for the feature.

Saturday night “October Series” racing continues next Saturday night, October 27th. Featured classes will be the I-70 Speedway Sprint Cars, ULMA Late Models, DCRA Dwarf and Mod Lites and Modifieds. Pit Gates will open at 2:00 pm, Admission Gates will open at 4:00. Registration will close and Hot laps will begin at 4:30 with racing at 5:15 pm. Adult admission prices will be $8.00; Children 6 to 12 will be $5.00 with Children 5 and under admitted for free. Pit Passes will be $20.00 and there is no entry fee for competitors.

For additional information call the speedway office at: (186) 230-0080 or log on at:






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