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Kaeding beats Jones, Kruseman edges Davis In Manzy's Western
by Windy McDonald

(November 9) Bud Kaeding got a leg up on the 60 car field of USAC sprint cars when he edged Levi Jones in round one of the Checker Auto Parts/Budweiser Western World Championships Thursday night at Manzanita Speedway. The Campbell, CA driver, winner of the Western in 2002 and again in 2004, grabbed the lead from the 2005 Western winner Dave Darland on the fifth lap and held off Jones, the 2005 USAC national sprint car champion, as they worked their way through heavy traffic. Kaeding had a two car length advantage when the checkered flag dropped on the 25 lap qualifying main event.

Jerry Coons, Jr. of Tucson out qualified the field then came from the back row to win the first 10 lap heat race. He then started sixth in the feature and ran a strong third. Darland finished fourth ahead of Daron Clayton. Damion Gardner, the 2005 USAC/CRA driving champion, finished sixth ahead of Jones' team mate in the Tony Stewart Racing stable, Josh Wise. Wise entered the Western, the final USAC sprint car race of the year, with an 87 point advantage over Jones. He sliced 19 points off the lead keeping his hopes alive of repeating the championship he won last year. Coons' strong run propelled him to sixth in the standings.

The half mile track had two distinct grooves and was exceptionally fast as witnessed by Coons time of 18.443 which was just a tenth of a second slower than the one lap record set by Jones last year. Coons also flirted with the long standing ten lap record which he stopped the clock at 3:12.85, just 1.75 off the record set by J.J. Yeley in 2001.

The track provided the lanes for the fast cars to get to the front in the heat races. Finishing second to Coons in the first ten lapper and qualifying for the 25 lap feature were Mike Leslie, Tracy Hines and Rickie Gaunt. Jones also came from eighth to first in the second heat and he beat pole sitter Josh Ford, third row starter Cory Kruseman and Brady Short. The third heat was a wire to wire win for Robert Ballou with R.J. Johnson, eighth starting Shane Cottle and Darland in pursuit. Heat #4 was won by Charles Davis, Jr. with Dickie Gaines taking second ahead of the fourth quickest qualifier Josh Wise, up from eighth, and Damion Gardner. The final heat gave Kaeding a chance to show the field that he was again going to be tough as he drove out of the eighth starting berth to beat Jon Stanbrough, Ricky Gaunt and Rick Ziehl.

Four more spots remained open for the main event and they went to the top four in the 12 lap semi main. Daron Clayton slipped past Tony Jones for the lead and then had to hold off a late charge by second generation driver Casey Shuman to seal the deal. Jones maintained third as Brad Sweet and Darren Hagen fought for the final transfer spot with Hagen getting the position on the final lap.

The first competitive race of the evening was a 10 lap consolation race with the top four going to the semi. Mike Spencer, ranked fourth in USAC/CRA points, shot away from the 16 car field at the drop of the green and easily beat Nathan High, Scotty Weir and David Cardey who nipped two time champion Jeremy Sherman ending his night early.

Cory Kruseman earned a front row starting berth in Saturday night's Parker Store 360 feature as he wrested the lead from Josh Pelkey on the 13th lap and then held off a determined Charles Davis, Jr. for the win the in the 25 lap feature. Kruseman won the event on Manzy's one third mile track last year. He edged Davis, Jr. who will start in the second row Saturday night. Others who earned berths in the Saturday night feature were Jon Stanbrough, Danny Sheridan, Josh Pelkey, Bill Rose, Chad Boat and Darland.

While the battle for the lead was hectic, much of the attention was focused on Jon Stanbrough who was wheeling the Jimmy Norman/Lois Colcord sprinter. He had run at record speeds in winning the semi main and then flew through the field from his 13th starting position to run with the leaders. He blew a radiator hose as he came off the final turn but coasted across the finish line in third. Shon Deskins took the final main event berth.

Half of the 360 field ran their qualifying races while the remaining half will repeat the process Friday night. Pelkey, who almost won it all in 2005 came out of the fourth row to win the first ten lap heat race with West Coast driver Danny Sheridan in second ahead of Shane Golobic and Nathan High.

The second heat was won by crowd favorite 14 year old Chad Boat. The youngster started fouth but had the lead by the third lap. He then held off Andy Reinbold, Mike Martin and Darren Bolton. The final heat went to Charles Davis, Jr. who drove the Fred Bryan car from fourth to first in beating Bill Rose, Kruseman and Bobby Ream. Davis beat Jeremy Sherman's ten lap record of 2:29.48 when he stopped the clock at 2:27.66.

Stanbrough exploded out of the second row and ran laps at unbelievable clockings on his way to winning the 12 lap semi main. He was timed at 14.34 seconds on the sixth lap, the fastest lap ever clocked on a sprint car on the one third mile track. The steel block sprinter was a tenth of a second faster than the one lap record for a 410 sprinter that is held by Tony Elliott at 14.442. The top eight cars from the semi transferred to the feature. Kelly Dennison, Tom Ogle, Shon Deskins, R.J. Johnson, Mike Leslie, Jeff Henry and Dave Darland earned those positions.


November 9, 2006 - Phoenix, Arizona ? Manzanita Speedway - 39th Checker Auto Parts/Budweiser "Western World Championships"

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Jerry Coons Jr., 69, Dynamics-18.443; 2. Levi Jones, 21, Stewart-18.461; 3. Shane Cottle, 10E, Edison-18.526; 4. Josh Wise, 20, Stewart-18.572; 5. Bud Kaeding, 29, BK-Leffler-18.695; 6. Brad Sweet, 3J, Yeley-18.773; 7. Daron Clayton, 92, Clayton-18.846; 8. Dave Darland, 11, Walker/Guiducci-18.849; 9. Casey Shuman, 12az, Massey-18.931; 10. Tony Jones, 4, Alexander-18.935; 11. Darren Hagen, 67k, Kunz-18.936; 12. J.T. Imperial. 6, Imperial-18.991; 13. Don Droud Jr., 44, Pace-18.995; 14. Damion Gardner, 50, Chaffin-19.013; 15. Jon Stanbrough, 44s, Pace-19.024; 16. Dustin Morgan, 11D, Walker/Guiducci-19.028; 17. Cory Kruseman, 38, Crossno-19.039; 18. Matt Mitchell, 29k, BK/Leffler-19.094; 19. Rip Williams, 3, Jory-19.111; 20. Mat Neely, 92m, Clayton-19.121; 21. Rickie Gaunt, 2a, Smiley-19.156; 22. Brady Bacon, 67, Kunz-19.160; 23. Bret Mellenberndt, 97m, Mellenberndt-19.164; 24. Charles Davis Jr., 8a, Smiley-19.168; 25. Jesse Hockett, 2az, Massey-19.182; 26. Tracy Hines, 7, Priestley-19.182; 27. Critter Malone, 7c, Seven-19.184; 28. R.J. Johnson, 15, Martin-19.185; 29. J.J. Yeley, 2B, 2B Racing-19.193; 30. Danny Sheridan, 18, Kittle-19.217; 31. Mike Leslie, 76, Montgomery-19.233; 32. Brady Short, 36, Short-19.260; 33. Chad Boespflug, 90, Gatten-19.319; 34. Dickie Gaines, 2H, Woodward-19.362; 35. Tom Ogle, 5az, Turner-19.399; 36. Mike Martin, 57, Martin-19.497; 37. Josh Ford, 73, Ford-19.504; 38. Robert Ballou, 12x, Ballou-19.520; 39. Bill Rose, 11w, Walker/Guiducci-19.568; 40. Rick Ziehl, 75, Stansberry-19.612; 41. Mike Spencer, 44x, Engstrom-19.612; 42. Blake Miller, 94, Keller-19.668; 43. Jeremy Sherman, 75J, Jake?s-19.668; 44. Nathan High, 0, Price-19.673; 45. Jeff Henry, 12, Allen-19.675; 46. Scotty Weir, 22w, Weir-19.691; 47. Michael Trimble, 15T, CTR-19.714; 48. David Cardey, 59, Giardina-19.802; 49. Matt Stewart, 85, Stewart-19.827; 50. Chuck Buckman, 61a, Carsten-19.843; 51. Brandon Lane, 97H, Lane-19.851; 52. Seth Wilson, 17, Wilson-19.867; 53. Bruce St. James, 7k, St. James-19.996; 54. Nadine Keller, 16, Keller-20.139; 55. Royal Adderson, 40, Adderson-20.339; 56. Rick Johnson, 65, Johnson-20.969; 57. Travis Cooley, 67T, Cooley-21.061; 58. Steve Ostling, 21x, Dorathy-NT; 59. #71, Kunz-NT; 60. #90T, Gatten-NT.

"C" MAIN: (10 laps) 1. Spencer, 2. High, 3. Weir, 4. Cardey, 5. Sherman, 6. Trimble, 7. Henry, 8. Buckman, 9. Wilson, 10. Lane, 11. Stewart, 12. St. James, 13. Keller. 14. Cooley, 15. Adderson, 16. Johnson. NT

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Coons, 2. Leslie, 3. Hines, 4. Gaunt, 5. Sweet, 6. Hagen, 7. Morgan, 8. Martin. 3:24.47

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. L.Jones, 2. Ford, 3. Kruseman, 4. Short, 5. Bacon, 6. Malone, 7. Clayton, 8. Imperial. NT

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Ballou, 2. R.J. Johnson, 3. Cottle, 4. Darland, 5. Boespflug, 6. Mitchell, 7. Droud, 8. Mellenberndt. NT

FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Davis, 2. Gaines, 3, Wise, 4. Gardner, 5. Shuman, 6. Rose, 7. Williams, 8. Yeley. NT

FIFTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Kaeding, 2. Stanbrough, 3. Hockett, 4. Ziehl, 5. T.Jones, 6. Sheridan, 7. Ogle, 8. Neely. 3:22.84

SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Clayton, 2. Shuman, 3. T.Jones, 4. Hagen, 5. Williams, 6. Sweet, 7. Sheridan, 8. Bacon, 9. Spencer, 10. Droud, 11. Imperial, 12. Cardey, 13. Neely, 14. Mellenberndt, 15 Ogle, 16. Weir, 17. High, 18. Martin, 19. Mitchell, 20. Yeley, 21. Morgan, 22. Boespflug, 23. Malone. NT

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Bud Kaeding, 2. Levi Jones, 3. Jerry Coons Jr., 4. Dave Darland, 5. Daron Clayton, 6. Damion Gardner, 7. Josh Wise, 8. Darren Hagen, 9. Cory Kruseman, 10. Shane Cottle, 11. Tracy Hines, 12. Casey Shuman, 13. Jon Stanbrough, 14. Tony Jones, 15. Jesse Hockett, 16. Dickie Gaines, 17. J.J. Yeley, 18. Charles Davis Jr., 19. R.J. Johnson, 20. Robert Ballou, 21. Mike Spencer, 22. Rickie Gaunt, 23. Josh Ford, 24. Brady Short, 25. Brady Bacon, 26. Mike Leslie, 27. Rick Ziehl. NT


1st Heat: (10 laps) 1. Josh Pelkey 2. Danny Sheridan 3. Shane Golobic 4. Nathan High 5. Kelly Dennison 6. Jeff Henry 7. R.J. Johnson 8. Brian Hacker 9. Dave Darland (time: 2:41.00)

2nd Heat: (10 laps) 1. Chad Boat 2. Andy Reinbold 3. Mike Martin 4. Darrin Bolton 5. Shon Deskins 6. Tom Ogle 7. Dennis Krob 8. Chuck Buckman (no time)

3rd Heat: (10 laps) 1. Charles Davis, Jr. 2. Bill Rose 3. Cory Kruseman 4. Bob Ream, Jr. 5. Jon Stanbrough 6. Mike Leslie 7. Chris Bonneau 8. Bryan Swinehart (time: 2:27.66--new track record)

Semi Main: 1. Jon Stanbrough 2. Kelly Dennison 3. Tom Ogle 4. Shon Deskins 5. R.J. Johnson 6. Mike Leslie 7. Jeff Henry 8. Dave Darland 9. Bryan Swinehart 10. Daniel Williams 11. Brian Hacker 12. Chuck Buckman 13. Chris Bonneau 14. Dennis Krob (no time)

Feature: (25 laps) 1. Cory Kruseman 2. Charles Davis, Jr. 3. Jon Stanbrough 4. Danny Sheridan 5. Josh Pelkey 6. Bill Rose 7. Chad Boat 8. Dave Darland 9. Mke Leslie 10. R.J. HJohnson 11. Andy Reinbold 12. Jeff Henry 13. Shane Golobic 14. Shon Deskins 15. Darrin Bolton 16. Mike Martin 17. Kelly Dennison 18. Bob Ream, Jr. 19. Nathan High 20. Tom Ogle

Lap leaders: laps 1-12 Pelkey, laps 13-25 Kruseman






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