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Sherman, Boat, Noll and Reagles win Manzy's Anniversary races
by Windy McDonald

(August 26) Manzanita Speedway hosted a total of 181 cars for the celebration of the track's 55th anniversary with Saturday night's races featuring the four open wheel divisions while stock cars were on the Friday night card. 80 cars competed Friday night and 81 were on hand for round two.

Each division had the same proceedure for lining up the feature. All drivers who qualified for their respective main events drew for the positions.

Each division showcased their product and the fans were treated to four highly competitive feature races. With each division hoping to outdo the rest. The Arizona Midget Racing Association set the bar high as fourteen year old Chad Boat held off Nathan High who was seeking a second straight win. Boat took the lead from veteran driver Bugs Norbury on the11th lap after starting the 20 lap race in the fourth row. High started two rows behind last year's top rookie and finished three car lengths back. West Coast ace Chris Rahe was third. Fourth went to Bugs Norbury and Paul Norbury finished fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Jeff Perry, Dustin Burkhart, Colby Copeland, Ken Perry and Mike Marfia.

Bugs Norbury took the four lap dash with John Sarna, Dustin Burkhart and Jeff Perry in pursuit.

The Mini Sprint feature was competitive but held no surprises as Jeremy Reagles beat the field for his 11th win of the year, the sixth on Manzanita's one third mile track. Kyle Shippley started the 15 lap race in the fifth row just behind Reagles and followed him to the front but could not steal the lead. Nathan High made a rare start in the mini sprints and finished third after his second place finish in the midgets. Ryan Lindhorst started fourth and was still there at the finish line. Dennis Carrier finished fifth. The rest of the top ten were Nick Aiuto, Dennis Parks, Brent Yarnal, Chad Elmer and Paul Martin.

The race was halted when Kiley Fellers did a series of end over end flips following a lap 11 restart. Apparently the car driven by Ken Caskey broke a chain on the green flag lap and Fellers had already committed to trying to make a low side pass and he ran over the left rear wheel and went ariborne. Fellers complained of a sore neck but was not seriously enjured.

Dave Alexander, leader of the first six laps, was still running with the leaders on the final lap when something broke and he made a sharp right hand turn and hit the outside retaining wall on half mile track head on. He was going full speed when he hit the wall but fortunately he was able to walk away.

With 25 cars on hand a ten lap semi for 15 cars put the top ten into the feature. Shipley took the win with High, Aiuto, Dave Alexander, Ashley Robella, Kiley Fellers, Daniel Williams, Brent Yarnal, Mike Visser and Chad Elmer taking the other transfer spots.

The Arizona Sprint Car Association raced on the half mile track and it took Charles Davis, Jr., who started 11th, ten laps to work his way past Mike Leslie for the lead. Meanwhile Jeremy Sherman took a little longer to get into contention and when he finally slipped past Leslie for second he was still well behind Davis who held a 1.68 second advantage over the defending champion and current points leader with five laps remaining in the 25 lap race.

The leaders encountered heavy traffic and Sherman closed in. Several of the cars did not move over when they received the move over flag and Sherman closed to with three car lenghts of the lead. Davis made contact with a lapped car on the 24th lap and Sherman went past and scored his 11th main event win of the year. Davis recovered for second with Leslie third.

Third ranked rookie driver Mike Colegrove started on the pole and led the first lap until Leslie took over on the second lap.

Colegrove finished in fourth and second ranked Josh Pelkey was fifth. Sixth went to Matthew Rossi and Chad Boat, winner of the midget race, finished seventh. The rest of the top ten were Andy Reinbold, Bernie Smith and Jeff Henry. Only three of the 19 starters failed to finsh.

Davis had the Fred Bryan sprinter on the front row in the Arizona Race Mart trophy dash and beat Leslie, R.J. Johnson and Rossi.

The Barnett Harley Davidson dirt modifieds put 24 cars on the half mile track and Jason Noll came out a big winner. Jason entered the race 10 points behind the two time defending champion Anthony Madrid and when the checkered flag waved he had not only the win but an eight point lead as well with only one race remaining. Madrid was running second when he broke the right front suspension and spun on the 16th lap. He was through for the night as he sat out the final four laps and was credited with an 18th place finish.

Former champion Tom Lucas earned the hard charger award with a great drive from 22nd to second and was challenging for the lead in the closing laps. Reeve Staley also made a long drive as he finished third after starting 12th. Jeff Stafford maintained his fourth starting spot and Clint Fouts was fifth after starting tenth. Rounding out the top ten were Mark Harrison, Ken Wyman, Jason Black, Jason George and Ricky Thornton, Jr.

Terry Becher, Jr. had the fans attention as he started last and headed to the front. He made it up to fourth and was determined to make the high side of the half mile track work. He could not make a completed pass and was still running fourth when he spun on the 17th lap and was hit by Robert King, Jr. Both cars were damaged to the extent they could not continue.

The semi main had 20 cars with the top 14 transfering to the feature. Again Belcher, Jr. was the show with this rim riding style. He had problems late in the race and was clipped by King ending his run. King, Belcher's brother-in-law, went on to take the win over Lucas, Dana Fite, Nick Greigo and Randy Harrison.

Belcher made it into the feature when Greg Bedia, the tenth place finisher, scratched from the feature.



Main Event: 1. Jeremy Sherman 2. Charles Davis, Jr. 3. Mike Leslie 4. Mike Colegrove 5. Josh Pelkey 6. Matthew Rossi 7. Chad Boat 8. Andy Reinbold 9. Bernie Smith 10. Jeff Henry 11. Jay Ervine 12. Chris Bonneau 13. Dana Fite 14. Nathan High 15. Mike Martin 16. Steve Sussex, Jr. 17. Seanin Hendricsen 18. Mike Mundy 19. R.J. Johnson

Lap leaders: lap 1 Colegrove, laps 2-9 Leslie, laps 10-23 Davis, laps 23-25 Sherman

Arizona Race Mart Trophy Dash: 1. Charles Davis, Jr. 2. Mike Leslie 3. R.J. Johnson 4. Matthew Rossi


Main Event: 1. Jason Noll 2. Tom Lucas 3. Reeve Staley 4. Jeff Stafford 5. Clint Fouts 6. Mark Harrison 7. Kenny Wyman 8. Jason Black 9. Jason George 10. Ricky Thornton 11. Chuck Kuehl 12. Nick Greigo 13. James Pautot 14. Jeremy Kimble 15. Wayne Dubois 16. Terry Belcher, Jr. 17. Robert King, Jr. 18. Anthony Madrid 19. Randy Harrison 20. Bob Sanders 21. Mike Bobbince 22. Gene Parvin 23. Dana Fite 24. John Romero

Lap Leaders: laps 1-20 Noll

Semi Main: 1. Robert King, Jr. 2. Tom Lucas 3. Dana Fite 4. Nick Greigo 5. Randy Harrison 6. Jeff Stafford 7. Jason George 8. Chuck Kuehl 9. Bob Sanders 10. Greg Bedia 11. Jeremy Kimble 12. John Romero 13. Wayne Dubois 14. Mike Bobbince 15. Steve Bender 16. Tony Steele 17. Terry Belcher, Jr. 18. Jay Foster 19. David Rosales 20. Phillip Cantua


Main Event: 1. Chad Boat 2. Nathan High 3. Chris Rahe 4. Bugs Norbury 5. Paul Norbury 6. Jeff Perry 7. Dustin Burkhart 8. Colby Copeland 9. Ken Perry 10. Mike Marfia 11. Stevie Sussex 12. C.J. Sarna 13. John Sarna 14. Shon Deskins 15. Mike Colegrove 16. Mike Welker 17. Darin Fala 18. Lonnie Oliver

Lap Leaders: laps1-10 Bugs Norbury, laps 11-20 Boat

Trophy Dash: 1. Bugs Norbury 2. John Sarna 3. Dustin Burkhart 4. Jeff Perry


Main Event: 1. Jeremy Reagles 2. Kyle Shipley 3. Nathan High 4. Ryan Lindhorst 5. Dennis Carrier 6. Nick Aiuto 7. Dennis Parks 8. Brent Yarnal 9. Chcd Elmer 10. Paul Martin 11. Rick Alexander 12. Daniel Williams 13. Dave Alexander 14. Ken Caskey 15. Kiley Fellers 16. Jeff Greszler 17. Tyler Keesler 18. Mike Visseer 19. Ashley Robella 20. Brandon Shelton

Lap Leaders: laps 1-6 Dave Alexander, laps 7-15 Reagles

Semi Main: 1. Kyle Shipley 2. Nathan High 3. Nick Aiuto 4. Dave Alexander 5. Ashley Robella 6. Kiley Fellers 7. Daniel Williams 8. Brent Yarnal 9. Mike Visser 10. Chad Elmer 11. Rick Alexander 12. Nick Melvin 13. Derek Williams 14. Pat Wing, Sr. 15. Steve Tellas

Trophy Dash: 1. Kyle Shipley 2. Mike Visser 3. Jeremy Reagles 4. Jeff Greszler 5. Brandon Shelton 6. Nick Aiuto






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