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 Press Release

by Windy McDonald

Phoenix, AZ (May 13) Nathan High had a new car for the Saturday night race and found the best groove on the one third mile track to score his first win since April 16th of 2005. High was involved in a two car crash on April 8th that destroyed the Susie Pritchett car and he has bummed rides for the past two races while he waited on the new cars.

"We finished the car at 2:30 this afternoon," he said in victory lane. "And then we put the number on the car in the pits before hot laps. The new Stewart chassis was good from the time we unloaded it."

The track had two distinct grooves. One was very low, in fact it bordered on being called the infield. The other was very high. Nathan started on the outside of row two but immediately dove to the low side. He made an inside pass on Ben Gregg on the fifth lap and led the remaining 21 circuits. High never moved off the bottom but was challenged just past the midway point by Marty Miller who was pushing the cushion. Miller could gain ground going into the turns but High was quicker on the exits.

Miller, who started seventh was being challenged by Jeremy Sherman who was also on the top of the one third mile track. Sherman, who started alongside Miller, ran on his rear bumper for most of the second half of the 25 lapper. As the laps wound down he tried an inside move in turn four and his right rear wheel hit the left front of Miller's Sweeney/Wooldrige sprinter and Miller was knocked out of the groove. He recovered after losing the second postition to Sherman.

High and Sherman encountered lapped cars and the low groove was the best as they fought for the win in the closing laps. Sherman got held back with two laps remaining and was still two car lengths back at the checkered flag. Miller, perhaps a little pertubed by Sherman's move, took third ahead of Shon Deskins who had his first top five finish since the 2003 season. Jay Ervine was in the Bob Bishop sprinter that High had driven while awaiting the new car. Rounding out the top ten were Ricky Hood, Brian Hacker, Josh Pelkey, Bob Ream, Jr. and Gregg. Hacker was the hard charger of the race with his drive from 19th to seventh.

The race was briefly halted when Mike Martin and Mike Leslie made contact on the sixth lap and Martin's car rolled over on top of the right side wheels on Leslie's car. Neither driver was injured but Martin's car was through for the night.

Nineteen of the 24 starters finished the race.

Sherman had the pole for the first eight lap heat race but Miller beat him into the first turn and became the first three time heat race winner. The top four from each heat made the feature. Sherman finished second, Matthew Rossi third and Deskins fourth.

Gregg scored his first heat race victory by beating Leslie, Bernie Smith and Martin in the second heat. The third heat went to Deskins who started in the front row and held off High, Ervine and Ream. Bruce St. James went wire to wire in the final heat while Seainn Hendricsen, Andy Reinbold and Jeff Slinkard earned their way into the feature.

Hood, who will be formally inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville, IA later this year, outran the field in the semi main where the top eight would complete the 24 car field for the feature. Jeff Henry finished a strong second ahead of Brian Hacker, Mike Colegrove, Chad Boat, Brandon Lane, Ryan Linder and James Aragon.

Bernie Smith became the seventh different driver to win an Arizona Race Mart trophy dash when he beat Reinbold, Lane and St. James. There have been no repeat trophy dash winners this season.


Main Event: 1. Nathan High 2. Jeremy Sherman 3. Marty Miller 4. Shon Deskins 5. Jay Ervine 6. Ricky Hood 7. Brian Hacker 8. Josh Pelkey 9. Bob Ream, Jr. 10. Ben Gregg 11. Bruce St. James 12. Jeff Slinkard 13. Mike Colegrove 14. Brandon Lane 15. Jeff Henry 16. Bernie Smith 17. Andy Reinbold 18. James Aragon 19. Mike Leslie 20. Mike Martin 21. Seainn Hendricsen 22. Matthew Rossi 23. Chad Boat 24. Ryan Linder

Lap leaders: laps 1-4 Gregg, laps 5-25 High

1st Heat: (8 laps) 1. Marty Miller 2. Jeremy Sherman 3. Matthew Rossi 4. Josh Pelkey 5. Ricky Hood 6. Mike Colegrove 7. James Aragon (Time: 2:01.37)

2nd Heat: (8 laps) 1. Ben Gregg 2. Mike Leslie 3. Bernie Smith 4.Mike Martin 5. Stevie Sussex 6. Brian Hacker 7. Josh Foster (no time)

3rd Heat: (8 laps) 1. Shon Deskins 2. Nathan High 3. Jay Ervine 4. Bob Ream, Jr. 5. Jeff Henry 6. Ryan Linder 7. Brandon Lane (Time: 2:03.56)

4th Heat: (8 laps) 1. Bruce St. James 2. Seainn Hendricsen 3. Andy Reinbold 4. Jeff Slinkard 5. Chad Boat 6. John Williams (Time: 2:03.89)

Semi Main: (12 laps) 1. Ricky Hood 2. Jeff Henry 3. Brian Hacker 4. Mike Colegrove 5. Chad Boat 6. Brandon Lane 7. Ryan Linder 8. James Aragon 9. John Williams 10. Stevie Sussex (no time)

Arizona Race Mart Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Bernie Smith 2. Andy Reinbold 3. Brandon Lane 4. Bruce St. James (Time: 1:01.84)


West Coast midget ace Chris Rahe made it a no contest in the midget 20 lap main event as he started in the front row and, despite several yellow flags that kept the field bunched, was 4.38 seconds ahead of Bugs Norbury when the checkered flag fell. Rahe was consistently clocked in the high 15 second range, a speed that the rest of the field could not match. Midway through the race he turned a lap at 15.72.

John Sarna came out of the fourth row to take third, his second top five of the year. However he is the only driver to finish all seven midget races in the top ten. Dustin Burkhart drove from ninth to finish fourth just ahead of Paul Norbury who started alongside him. The rest of the top ten were Mike Courtney, Jeff Perry, Mike Welker, Lonnie Oliver and Mike Marfia.

Robert Marfia shot from fourth to first before the first lap of the first heat race was completed and then held off Rahe who started last in the eight car field. Chad Boat took third and Courtney was fourth. In the second heat Jeff Perry led the way to the finish line with Welker, Paul Norbury and Sarna in pursuit.

Darrin Boltin scored his first trophy dash win be outrunnig Welker, Sarna and Bugs Norbury.


Main Event: (20 laps) 1. Chris Rahe 2. Bugs Norbury 3. John Sarna 4. Dustin Burkhart 5. Paul Norbury 6. Mike Courtney 7. Jeff Perry 8. Mike Welker 9. Lonnie Oliver 10. Mike Marfia 11. Chad Boat 12. Ken Perry 13. Steve Alcott 14. Robert Marfia 15. Darrin Boltin 16. Mike Lelie

Lap leaders: laps 1-20 Rahe

1st Heat: 1. Robert Marfia 2. Chris Rahe 3. Chad Boat 4. Mike Courtney 5. Dustin Burkhart 6. Steve Alcott 7. Mike Leslie (Time: 2:05.68)

2nd Heat: 1. Jeff Perry 2. Mike Welker 3. Bugs Norbury 4. John Sarna 5. Paul Norbury 6. Lonnie Oliver 7. Ken Perry (no time)

Hammer Homes Trophy Dash: (4 laps) 1. Darrin Boltin 2. Mike Welker 3. John Sarna 4. Bugs Norbury (Time: 1:03.60)






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