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Press Release

News and entries from Manzanita's Western
by Windy McDonald

Phoenix, AZ...With 115-120 cars expected for the 38th running of the Checker Auto Parts/Budweiser Western World Championships November 10-12 at Manzanita Speedway, there is really no reason for extra hype. However, the chase for the USAC National Sprint Car Championship is a story of its own.

For the second straight year the champion will be crowned at Manzy, but this year, unlike last year when Jay Drake had already cinched the title, the championship may not be decided until the final checkered flag.

Dave Darland made up a lot of ground with his win in Saturday night’s Oval Nationals at Perris and enters the Western only nine points behind Levi Jones who finished 11th. Jones carried a 78 point lead into the Nationals.

Unlike last year when only the final night of the Western awarded points, the 2005 race awards points all three nights making consistency the answer for both drivers. Bud Kaeding jumped from fifth to third in the standings in the three night run at Perris and, based on his two wins and a second in the past three Westerns, is the favorite again. However, he rests 232 points behind Jones and cannot improve his standings. He could drop back to fifth as Jay Drake and Josh Wise, both driving the Tony Stewart Mopars, are each less than 30 points out of third.

Now that the Oval Nationals has been completed USAC officials expect 15-20 additional entries for the Western. The field now stands at 43. In contrast, the field for the Parker Store 360 Western has 60 paid entries and even more are expected.

Among those drivers running both the USAC events on the half mile track and the 360 races on the 1/3rd mile track are Damion Gardner, the USAC/CRA points leader, Jay Drake, last year’s National Sprint Car champion, Cory Kruseman, currently ranked second with the USAC/CRA, Jerry Coons, Jr. ranked second in USAC National Midgets and 8th in Sprints, Jon Stanbrough, 7th in USAC Sprints, Charles Davis, Jr., 5th in USAC/CRA, Rickie Gaunt, 7th in USAC/CRA and R.J. Johnson, a prime contender for rookie honors with the USAC/CRA

Local drivers entered in both include Bob Ream, Jr., Nathan, Brandon Lane and Jeremy Sherman. Tickets are available at the Manzanita Speedway office, 3417 West Broadway. For race information call 602 276-7575

USAC Entries

02        Matt Rossi, Phoenix, AZ

2a        Rickie Gaunt, Torrance, CA

2az       Jesse Hockett, Warsaw, MO

2b        Levi Jones, Fairmount, IN

3          Rip Williams, Yorba Linda, CA

5h        Tom Hessert, Cherry Hill, NJ

6          Mat Neeley, Robinson, IL

6a        Nathan High, Goodyear, AZ

7          Jeremy Sherman, Surprise, AZ

8          Bob Ream, Jr., Glendale, AZ

8a        Charles Davis, Jr., Buckeye, AZ

10        Jon Stanbrough, Jamestown, IN

11        Dave Darland, Lincoln, IN

11        Derek O’Dell, East Alton, IN

14        Adam Mitchell, Escondido, CA

14aj     Davey Ray, Loves Park, CA

14L      Justin Marvel, Brownsburg, IN

15.       RJ. Johnson, Phoenix, AZ

17        Seth Wilson, San Clemente, CA

18        Danny Sheridan, Santa Maria, CA

19        Rodney Argo, Gardena, CA      

20        Josh Wise, Indianapolis, IN

20z       Rick Ziehl, Las Cruces, NM

21        Jay Drake, Brownsburg, IN

21x      Dickie Gaines, Mitchell, IN

33        Ronnie Clark, Tucson, AZ

38        Kory Kruseman, Ventura, CA

44        Ryan Pace, Arroyo Grande, CA

50        Damion Gardner, Concord, CA

61az     Chuck Buckman, Phoenix, AZ

67        Bryan Clauson, Noblesville, IN

69        Jerry Coons, Jr., Tucson, AZ

71        Darren Hagen, Columbus, IN

73        Josh Ford, Oxnard, CA

76        Mike Leslie, Phoenix, AZ

77        Danny Ebberts, Canyon Lake, CA

85        Matt Stewart, Winchester, CA

87        Tony Jones, Norco, CA

92        Daron Clayton, Sikeston, MO

95        Keith Williamson, Glendale, AZ

96        Mike Kirby, Torrance, CA

97h            Brandon Lane, Gilbert, AZ



0          Lealand Fuller, Globe, AZ

1a        Jerry Coons, Jr., Tucson, AZ

1          Ric Hill, Lafayette, NJ

02        Matt Rossi, Peoria, AZ

2a        Rickie Gaunt, Torrnace, CA

3          Scott Pasmore, Glendale, AZ

3w       Ronnie Case, Camarillo, CA

4c        Tim Beal, Prescott, AZ

4.         J.T. Imperial, Mesa, AZ

5          Shon Deskins, Waddell, AZ

6          TBA

6.         Nathan High, Goodyear, AZ

7c        TBA

7k        Mark Deskovick, El Centro, CA

7k        Bruce St. James, Phoenix, AZ

8          Bob Ream, Jr., Glendale, AZ

8a        Charles Davis, Jr., Buckeye, AZ

9x        Kelly Denison, Albuquerque, NM

11d      Danny Olmstead, Tracy, CA

12        Jeff Henry, Glendale, AZ

12az     TBA

14        Bernie Smith, Glendale, AZ

15        R.J. Johnson, Phoenix, AZ

19        Andy Reinbold, Chandler, AZ

19a      Andy Reinbold, Chandler, AZ

21        Cory Kruseman, Ventura, AZ

25        Jesse Dunham, Gilbert, AZ

26        Johnny Williams, Glendale, AZ

26a            Brandon Lane, Gilbert, AZ

27        Marty Miller, Glendale, AZ

28        Mike Kuemper, Phoenix, AZ

30        Chad Boat, Phoenix, AZ

31        Brian Hacker, Surprise, AZ

40        Ashley Corey, Tempe, AZ

42        Steve Sandrolini, Chandler, AZ

50        Damion Gardner, Concord, CA

52        Brad Kuhn

52x      Josh Pelkey, Glendale, AZ

55        TBA

55        Tony Everhart, El Cajon, CA

56        Jason Tanner, Albuquerque, NM

57        Mike Martin, Yuma, AZ

61        Bobby Boone, Bakersfield, CA

61        Robert Marfia, Jr., Rio Rancho, NM

61az     Chuck Buckman, Phoenix, AZ

62a      Jon Stanbrough, Jamestown, IN

69        Seainn Hendricsen, Glendale, AZ

72        Mike Bonneau, Glendale, AZ

76        Mike Leslie, Peoria, AZ

77        Jeremy Sherman, Phoenix, AZ

78        Chris Bonneau, Scottsdale, AZ

80        Derek DeMartino, Las Cruces, NM

87        Jay Drake, Brownsburg, IN

87        Larry Lloyd, Lake Elsinore, CA

91az     TBA

94        Ronnie Clark, Tucson, AZ

98        Chad Boespflug, Hanford, CA

99        James Aragon, Phoenix, AZ







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