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Press Release

by Windy McDonald
Phoenix, AZ (August 13)  Jeremy Sherman scored an improbable win, Chad Boat
continued his winning ways and Chris Rahe added his name to Manzanita Speedway’s winners list in Saturday night’s open wheel tripleheader.

After running dead last in both the trophy dash and his heat race Saturday night at Manzanita  it appeared that Jeremy Sherman had little chance of even making the feature, much less of winning it.

While he may not have faced an impossible task it was certainly improbable. The Fred Bryan crew did their job before Sherman took to the track in the 15 lap semi main and even though he lined up in the 11th row it seemed routine as he worked his way through the field and took the win. That gave him a ninth row starting berth in the 25 lap feature and after his performance in the semi it appeared that he might have a shot at the top five.

He was much better than that. He chased down Charles Davis, Jr., who was driving the car usually driven by Trey Deane, and took advantage of traffic as he moved to the front on the 19th lap.

However Davis did not go quietly. It was obvious that he did not use his weekend off from his usual USAC/CRA duties to run second. A yellow flag flew while working the 21st lap and Davis got a good jump on the restart. As he and Sherman entered turn one Charlie used a slide job to claim the lead, the same move he had used earlier this year when he beat Sherman on the half mile track. This time it was on the 1/3rd mile track and the car did not stick and Davis spun out. He did manage to drive the car back to an 11th place finish.

On the ensuing green flag Justin Fisher made a good try at slipping past Sherman but his charge fell short and he gave way to Matt Rossi who trailed Sherman to the checkered flag.

It just seemed appropriate that Sherman would win his 11th race of the year 11 years from the date of his first ASCA win.

Fisher, driving the Cole Houser sprinter, finished third ahead of Marty Miller who started 20th in the 24 car field. Josh Pelkey took fifth but lost more ground to Sherman in the chase for the championship. Rounding out the top ten were Bob Ream, Jr., Chris Bonneau, Nathan High, Bernie Smith and Jeff Henry.

The 38 car field ran four heat races which were won by Bonneau, Bobby Boone, Davis and Henry.

Bonneau topped the ten car field in the first eight lapper as he beat Rossi, Ashley Corey and Fisher. Boone, like Bonneau, led all eight laps as he took care of Thomas Ogle, Steve Sandrolini and James Aragon. It marked Aragon’s first main event transfer. Davis started sixth in the third heat and won going away. Jeff Slinkard, the 2004 SCOA champion drove the Colcord/Norman car to a second place finish. The other two main event berths went to R.J. Johnson who started ninth and Pelkey, up from seventh. Henry had a front row
starting spot in the final heat and did not waste it as he beat High, Chris McArthur and Tim Beal.

The top eight cars in the semi transferred to the feature completing the 24 car field. Ben Gregg led until he gave way to Sherman in the closing laps and finished second. High started third and was still in that position at the finish. The race for positions was hectic as Marty Miller came out of the eighth row to garner fourth with Jay Ervine finishing fifth. Michael Bryan edged Ream for sixth and Mike Martin got the final transfer spot.

Scott Pasmore had a good run going and was in seventh with three laps to go when he was broadsided and dropped back in the field. He drove back to finish ninth just missing the main event.

Henry beat Sherman into the first turn in the four lap Arizona Race Mart trophy dash and made it look easy in beating High, Boone and Sherman. He pocketed a couple of hundred dollars for his win as both Bill Shaver and Grady Watkins posted cash for the winner.

The Sprint cars will be on the half mile track Saturday night, August 20th in their part of the 54 Anniversary races.


Chad Boat was the show in the Arizona Mini Sprint Car Association feature as he roared out of the seventh row, nabbed the lead on the seventh lap and only a late yellow flag kept the field close. Boat increased his points lead with his sixth win of the year. Mike Colegrove finshed second with Dennis Carrier in third. Brent Yarnal picked up his second top five finish of the year as he edged former champion Dennis Parks for fourth. Rounding out the top ten were Kurt Stults, Nathan High, Jim Mattison, Katherine Aragon and
Daniel Williams.

Mattison had mechanical problems with his regular ride and replaced former champion and second ranked Jeff Greszler in the team car.

Colegrove played a game of get gone as he easily outdistanced the field in the first eight lap heat race. Stults crossed the finish line in second ahead of Eldon Johnson, Parks and Mattison.

Boat, already the holder of the 20 lap and 25 lap track records, got another one as he ealily beat Dennis Carrier, Brian Mathus, Yarnal and High as he tripped the clock at 2:00.32 which broke the three year old record of 2:01.84 that was held by Danny Mathus

            Boat started his clean sweep with a win in the trophy dash, his third such win in his rookie season.

            Chris Rahe made the long drive from the west coast pay off as he beat Chad Boat for the win in the 15 lap Midget feature.

            Boat made a quick jump from his fifth starting berth to take the lead on the first lap but Rahe was flying and had the lead when the cars completed the second lap.

            Rahe roared to a one and a half second lead but Boat started chipping away and got on the leader’s tail in the closing laps.  Rahe responded and was able to hold off Boat’s charge. The former Ford Focus Midget driver who moved back into the traditional Midgets, was able to win by just over a half second.

            Boat finished second, his third top five of the year and solidified his second place standings in the points battle. He started the night only four points ahead of third ranked Darrin Bolton who finished tenth. However he made up little ground on Mike Welker the points leader who finished fourth behind Bugs Norbury. Stevie Sussex got his second top five finish of his rookie season. Behind the top five were Andy Mason, R.J. Johnson, Darin Fala, Mike Courtney and Bolton.

            Norbury, who had earlier started his birthday celebration by winning the trophy dash, picked up his second win of the evening with a runaway win in the first heat race. Rahe finished second, Boat third, Dustin Burkhart fourth and Sussex fifth. Bolton scored his first heat race win of the year by beating Welker, Mason, Johnson and Courtney in the second heat.


Main Event: 1. Jeremy Sherman 2. Matt Rossi 3. Justin Fisher 4. Marty Miller 5. Josh Pelkey 6. Bob Ream, Jr. 7. Chris Bonneau 8. Nathan High 9. Bernie Smith 10. Jeff Henry 11. Charles Davis, Jr. 12. R.J. Johnson 13. Ashley Corey 14. Chris McArthur 15. Mike Martin 16. Steve Sandrolini 17. James Aragon 18. Michael Bryan 19. Tim Beal 20. Bobby Boone 21. Thomas Ogle 22. Ben Gregg 23. Jeff Slinkard 24. Jay Ervine

Lap leaders: laps 1-6 Boone, laps 7-18 Davis, laps 20-25 Sherman

1st Heat: 1. Chris Bonneau 2. Matt Rossi 3. Ashley Corey 4. Justin Fisher 5. Ben Gregg 6. Jay Ervine 7. Bruce St. James 8. Marty Miller 9. Andy Reinbold 10. Jeremy Sherman

2nd Heat: 1. Bobby Boone 2. Thomas Ogle 3. Steve Sandrolini 4. James Aragon 5. Michael Bryan 6. Bob Ream, Jr. 7. Kelly Dennison 8. Mike Martin 9. Michael Mundy

3rd Heat: 1. Charles Davis, Jr. 2. Jeff Slinkard 3. R.J. Johnson 4. Josh Pelkey 5. Nathan High 6. Mike Leslie 7. Mike Bonneau 8. Brian Hacker 9. Seainn Hendricsen

4th Heat: 1. Jeff Henry 2. Bernie Smith 3. Chris McArthur 4. Tim Beal 5. Scott Pasmore 6. Jesse Dunham 7. Shon Deskins 8. Don Keesler 9. Bryan Hosford

Semi Main: 1. Jeremy Sherman 2. Ben Gregg 3. Nathan High 4. Marty Miller 5. Jay Ervine 6. Michael Bryan 7. Bob Ream, Jr. 8. Mike Martin 9. Scott Pasmore 10. Bruce St. James 11. Shon Deskins 12. Kelly Dennison 13. Andy Reinbold 14. Seainn Hendricsen 15. Jesse Dunham 16. Bryan Hosford 17. Don Keesler 18. Brian Hacker 19. Michael Mundy 20. Mike Leslie 21. Mike Bonneau 22. Chris Beal

Arizona Race Mart Trophy Dash: 1. Jeff Henry 2. Nathan High 3. Bobby Boone 4. Jeremy Sherman


Main Event: 1. Chris Rahe 2. Chad Boat 3. Bugs Norbury 4. Mike Welker 5. Stevie Sussex 6. Andy Mason 7. R.J. Johnson 8. Darin Fala 9. Mike Courtney 10. Darrin Bolton 11. Dustin Burkhart 12. Cole Houser 13. Steve Davis

Lap leaders: lap 1 Boat, laps 2-15 Rahe

1st Heat: 1. Bugs Norbury 2. Chris Rahe 3. Chad Boat 4. Dustin Burkhart 5. Stevie Sussex 6. John Sarna 7. Cole Houser

2nd Heat: 1. Darrin Bolton 2. Mike Welker 3. Andy Mason 4. R.J. Johnson 5. Mike Courtney 6. Darin Fala 7. Steve Davis

Trophy Dash: 1. Bugs Norbury 2. Cole Houser 3. John Sarna 4. Chris Rahe


Main Event: 1. Chad Boat 2. Mike Colegrove 3. Dennis Carrier 4. Brent Yarnal 5. Dennis Parks 6. Kurt Stults 7. Nathan High 8. Jim Mattison 9. Katherine Aragon 10. Daniel Williams 11. Brian Mathus 12. Valerie Smith 13. Derek Williams 14. Dustin Carrier 15. Kiley Fellers 16 Eldon Johnson

Lap leaders: laps 1-2, Dennis Carrier, laps 3-6 Colegrove, laps 7-20 Boat

1st Heat: 1. Mike Colegrove 2. Kurt Stults 3. Eldon Johnson 4. Dennis Parks 5. Jim Mattison 6. Kiley Fellers 7. Katherine Aragon 8. Valerie Smith

2nd Heat: 1. Chad Boat 2. Dennis Carrier 3. Brian Mathus 4. Brent Yarnal 5. Nathan High 6. Dustin Carrier 7. Derek Williams 8. Daniel Williams 9. #11X (New 8 lap record: 2:00.32

Trophy Dash: 1. Chad Boat 2. Mike Colegrove 3. Brent Yarnal 4. Brian Mathus 5. Kurt Stults






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