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Sherman keeps Matt Rossi out of the winner's circle in ASCA main event at Manzanita
By Windy McDonald

Phoenix, AZ (June 11)  Jeremy Sherman had to be at his best to notch hisseventh sprint car win of the year Saturday night at Manzanita Speedway and for the fourth time this year he kept a driver from getting a first career win.

Sherman started eighth on the windblown, hard slick one third mile track and had to use the low line around the one third mile track to get to the front. There was little grip left up high so he would take it in deep down low and
slide past one car after another.

Matt Rossi, a winner in the Midgets 5 years ago when he was 14 years old, had a fairly comfortable lead and had hopes of getting his first ever sprint car win when a yellow flag allowed the field to close up behind him just short of the midpoint of the 25 lap race.

Just as he had done to others before him, Sherman ended Matts dream with one of his patented slide jobs for the lead on the 11th lap. Rossi refused to give up and dogged the points leader to the checkered flag but fell two car lengths short of a victory. Nathan High drove from ninth to third for his seventh top five finish of the year. Former champions Josh Pelkey and Marty Miller were fourth and fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Ben Gregg, Mike Martin, Michael Bryan, Jeff Henry and Bernie Smith.

If they raced against everyone but Sherman Bobby Boone, Mike Martin and Brian Hacker would be among those with at least one career win. Boone ran second to Sherman in the March 12 season opener. Martin led by almost six seconds on May 7 but a yellow flag reduced his lead to nothing and Sherman made a last lap pass to deny him his first ever win. Last week Hacker led the first 19 laps before yielding to Sherman.

Michael Bryan started off his best night with an unexpected win in the first heat race. Sherman started in the back row and finally took the lead from Bryan on the sixth lap. He suddenly lost power coming out for the checkered flag and saw Michael roar past for the win. Sherman managed to edge Nathan High for second with Andy Reinbold fourth

The first heat was halted on the sixth lap when Chris McArthur ran over a wheel as he battled for position and did a series of hard end over end flips down the front straightaway. The car landed atop the infield wall on the
final flip but Chris escaped without injury.

Pelkey scored his fifth heat race win of the year with a wire to wire in the second heat race. Scott Pasmore shared the front row with Pelkey and had a strong run with his Checkered Auto Parts sprinter and earned a choice starting berth in the feature with a second place finish. However, once in the main his luck turned sour as he blew a left front tire on the parade lap and had to make a pit stop and finished 16th. Chuck Buckman finished third in the heat with Tom Olgle in fourth.

The third heat appeared that it would be a repeat win for Bruce St. James who had scored his first heat win last week. However Marty Miller applied the pressure and St. James spun while leading. Miller won a heat for the third time with Jeff Henry, Shon Deskins and Bernie Smith also earning their way into the feature.

The final eight lapper went to Ben Gregg who beat Rossi, Martin and Seainn Hendricsen.

Pelkey beat Rossi, Martin and St. James in the Arizona Race Mart trophy dash. He pocketed and extra $50 from Bill Shaver and another $50 from Grady Watkins.



Main Event: 1. Jeremy Sherman 2. Matt Rossi 3. Nathan 4. Josh Pelkey 5. Marty Miller 6. Ben Gregg 7. Mike Martin 8. Michael Bryan 9. Jeff Henry 10. Bernie Smith 11. Chuck Buckman 12. Jay Ervine 13. Chris Bonneay 14. Andy
Reinbold 15. Seainn Hendricsen 16. Scott Pasmore 17. Brian Hacker 18. Mike Leslie 19. Shon Deskins 20. Tom Ogle

Lap leaders: lap 1 Bryan, laps 2-6 Gregg, laps 7-11 Rossi, laps 12-25 Sherman

1st Heat: 1. Michael Bryan 2. Jeremy Sherman 3. Nathan High 4. Andy Reinbold 5. Mike Leslie 6. Richard Ronco 7. Brian Hacker 8. Chris McArthur

2nd Heat: 1. Josh Pelkey 2. Scott Pasmore 3. Chuck Buckman 4. Tom Ogle 5. Ashley Corey 6. Don Keesler 7. Mike Harris 8. Mike Bonneau

3rd Heat: 1. Marty Miller 2. Jeff Henry 3. Shon Deskins 4. Bernie Smith 5. Jesse Dunham 6. Tim Beal 7. Bruce St. James 8. Bryan Hosford

4th Heat: 1. Ben Gregg 2. Matt Rossi 3. Mike Martin 4. Seainn Hendricsen 5. Chris Bonneau 6. Jay Ervine 7. Chris Edwards

Arizona Race Mart Trophy Dash: 1. Josh Pelkey 2. Matt Rossi 3. Mike Martin 4. Bruce St. James






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