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Korey Lovell takes a thriller; Castleberry, Newberry and Couch also win

Marysville CA - August 9. Featherlite Sprint Car point leader Korey Lovell decided a change might be in order. While Lovell has accumulated the most points this year, he had not won a main event since August of 2003. When Lovell arrived at the speedway, the normally brown haired chauffer sported a new blond hair color. Lovell said this was the change he needed to change his luck. It worked. Lovell won a titanic struggle for first place in the main event with fast qualifier Brent Dothage to claim his first win of the year.

The three-time champion started third on the grid as the green flag waved. Pole sitter Colby Wiesz of Colfax charged to an early lead with Dothage and Lovell falling into second and third respectively. Wiesz stretched his lead into lap five and quickly approached lapped traffic. Dothage and Lovell began to close as Wiesz attempted to lap Marysville’s Brandon Dozier. The rookie driver and Wiesz hooked up and both spun into the infield bringing out the first yellow flag.

On the restart Dothage remained ahead of Lovell and even put a few car lengths on the Yuba City charger. Then Lovell got serious and instantly closed the gap. Lap after lap Dothage and Lovell diced in a high-speed shootout that had the fans going wild. Wiesz, who had to restart in nineteenth, started a memorable charge of his own to the front. With ten to go, Wiesz had already climbed back to eighth.

Then the action stopped. Sacramento’s Troy Degaton and Reno Nevada’s Mark Tabor Jr. got together in turn one executing a spectacular double flip. Olivehurst’s Jeremy Phillips was also involved. Degaton and Tabor were uninjured in the high-flying flips.

At the new green Dothage and Lovell took off and had a spectacular duel to the finish. With six to go Lovell slipped by with a choice move off of turn four. Wiesz showed up in sixth after getting past Reno’s Mike Monahan.

A yellow flag for a minor spin bunched the field with three to go. Dothage couldn’t do anything with Lovell and Lovell pulled away to a convincing win. Dothage was second. Sacramento’s Mike Wasina Jr. took the wheel for the first time in 2004 and posted a fine third place finish. Wiesz took advantage of the last restart and flew into fourth. Jeff Halleib from Lake of the Pines was fifth.

Lovell’s victory extended his point lead over Monahan and twin brother Kevin Lovell. Kevin had a dismal night up to feature time. He had to transfer out of the B main just to get into the final race. He came to ninth by the time the checkered flag waved after staring eighteenth. Runner up in points Monahan finished sixth in the final order. He did not make up any ground on the point leader. Monahan also had to make the main event through the B main.

Korey Lovell was ecstatic in victory lane. “This is great…and it’s about time”.

Lovell’s first victory of 2004 was a thriller and he celebrated a well-deserved win. It came nearly a year after his last feature win.

Brownsville’s James Castleberry slipped by Yuba City’s Heather Bartlett at the half way point of the Mini Stock headliner and cruised on to win another main event. Castleberry was placed at the rear of the inversion at the start and systematically picked off everyone in his path. Bartlett hung on for second with point leader Kevin Sprague picking up the show money.

Early leader Robert Mull and second running Robert Luster collided while racing for the lead. Mull’s car came to rest against the turn two fence and Luster drove on. Race officials sent Luster to the back for his involvement in the crash and Mull restarted. Mull and Luster then started a charge of their own landing them in fourth and sixth positions when the race ended. Last year’s champion, Jeremy Blackshere, finished fifth. A high number of crashes and spins slowed the proceedings.

Castleberry thanked everyone involved in this effort. He was his typical gracious self as he took his trophy.

In the TCS Stock Car main event Brown’s Valley’s Pat Couch visited victory lane once again. Couch held off a charging Chris Paquette for the last five laps in a stirring race that was slowed only once by a caution flag.

Couch parlayed his front row start into an early race lead. Couch had a straightaway lead on all the others when Yuba City’s Wayne Turk passed into second. Turk reeled in Couch like a man possessed. Three laps later Turk was camped on Couch’s tail. Lap after lap Turk challenged the cagey veteran. Turk got along side briefly on the back chute, but Couch was up to the challenge. In Turk’s finest performance to date, he really was putting the pressure on the leader.

During this furious fight for the lead, Chris Paquette and a charging Kenny Robinson reeled in the lead duo. What was a two car race turned into a four car war. With five to go, Turk lost it in turn two. He recovered, but Paquette, Robinson and point leader Jerry Bartlett slipped on by. Paquette, in his finest drive, went high and low to get around Couch. Paquette nosed ahead in turn four for just a moment, but Couch held on. Then Robinson slipped under Paquette and Paquette had to fend off Robinson.

On the backstretch of the final circuit, Paquette threw his number 54 into turn three in an effort to get by. Couch, again, was up to the task and nipped Paquette and Robinson at the stripe.

“Wow!” Couch remarked in the post race interview. “Chris was right there. I was surprised when I saw him up high. Him and Turk sure kept me honest. I kept expecting Bartlett and I never saw him” Couch was referring to point leader Jerry Bartlett who finished in fourth.

The Speedway Sprint Car feature was another outstanding event. Oakley’s Bob Newberry outdistanced a stellar field of stars to take the trophy.

Vacaville’s Steve Stein and Auburn’s Jimmy Steward led the field to the green flag with Stein leading lap one. Sixth starting Newberry picked off Napa’s David Goodwill, Kenny Bair, Gary Koster, Steward and Stein in successive laps. He led by lap five. In his wake Goodwill got by Steward and Stein and found himself in second. Stein stayed a competitive third as Steward, Koster and a charging Darrell Hanestad did battle. Point leader Chris Magoon was following Hanestad toward the front. By half way it was Newberry, Goodwill, Stein and Hanestad, Koster. As Magoon attempted a pass on Woodland’s Koster, the pair tangled and both stopped in turn three.

The restart produced the most unusual incident of the race. As the field took the new green flag, third running Stein started to weave side to side as he accelerated. The car then bounced and the left rear wheel and tire assembly broke off of the car and headed toward the pit grandstand. At a very high rate of speed the wheel hit the wall and fortunately bounded harmlessly to a stop. Stein also spun to a stop in the infield. He was through for the night.

With three laps remaining, San Jose’s Hanestad used an impressive high side move to secure second position from Goodwill and that’s where he finished. Newberry easily kept the runner-up at bay and took the checkers with five car lengths to spare. Sacramento’s Rick Eversult had a good night finishing fourth. Eversult has a shot at point leader Magoon and picked up a few points as Magoon finished back in ninth.

“This is my kind of place…this suits my style” Newberry remarked. “I like ‘em when they’re sticky like this. I’ll be back.”

Permatex, Marysville Auto Parts and Hust Brothers will sponsor the races this Saturday night August 14th. The competition will be headlined by the winged Featherlite Pacific Sprint Cars. The TCS Stock Cars, the TCS Mini Stocks and The SORA Sprint 100’s will also be featured.

Gates open at 5 with racing set to get underway at 7. Visit us on the web at the Official Web Site for Twin Cities Speedway or call (916) 985-2089 to reach the business office. All the latest updates are always posted to the website first.  

AUGUST 7, 2004 - POINTS RACE #16
Yuba City Scrap & Steel Ice Cream Nite & Kids Nite

1. 2B- Brent Dothage, 2. 71- Korey Lovell, 3. 49- Mike Monahan, 4. 21W- Colby Wiesz

Jeff Halleib, Mark Tabor Sr., Randy Lathrop

1. Korey Lovell, 2. Brent Dothage, 3. Mike Wasina, 4. Colby Wiesz, 5. Jeff Halleib, 6. Mike Monahan, 7. Roberto Kirby, 8. Mark Tabor Sr., 9. Kevin Lovell, 10. Randy Lathrop, 11. Steve Watts, 12. David Sprigg, 13. Mark Tabor Jr., 14. John Coughran, 15. Leigh Armstrong, 16. David Derr Sr., 17. Jeremy Phillips, 18. Troy DeGaton, 19. Kyle Schild, 20. Brandon Dozier 

David Goodwill, Bob Newberry

1. Bob Newberry, 2. Darrell Hanestad, 3. David Goodwill, 4. Rick Eversult, 5. Jimmy Steward, 6. Kenny Bair, 7. Nathan Johnson, 8. Gary Koster, 9. Chris Magoon, 10. Tim Sherman Jr., 11. Jeremy Hawes, 12. Blain Varner Jr., 13. Steve Stein, 14. Charles Williams, 15. Tim Sherman Sr.

Robert Mull, Kevin Sprague

1. James Castleberry, 2. Heather Bartlett, 3. Kevin Sprague, 4. Robert Mull, 5. Jeremy Blackshere, 6. Robert Luster, 7. Greg Prather, 8. Damian Merritt, 9. Mike Merritt, 10. Melissa Bryant, 11. James Gillaspie, 12. Shaun Merritt, 13. Ryan Francis, 14. Gary Holsey, 15. Robert Hunt

Charlie Duffy, George Magenheimer

1. Pat Couch, 2. Chris Paquette, 3. Kenny Robinson, 4. Jerry Bartlett, 5. Charlie Duffy, 6. Wayne Turk, 7. Jeff Olschowka, 8. George Magenheimer, 9. Dan Kaundart, 10. Lonnie Taylor Jr., 11. Donnie Fortney, 12. Archie Flynn






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