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Non-wing Speedway Sprint Cars to debut at TCS

Marysville CA. The long awaited wingless warriors of the Speedway Sprint Car Series will take to the Twin Cities Speedway ¼ mile for a full season of championship non-winged sprint car racing.


The two closest finishes and some of the best wheel to wheel action of 2003 prompted promoter Clyde Tipton to add a non-wing, closely regulated, specified sprint car class to the weekly card at Twin Cities Speedway. The “Speedway Sprint Cars” will be the fourth division in an association that includes the winged Pacific Sprint Cars, The TCS Stock Car Series and the TCS Mini Stock Series.


2003 CSRA Sprint Car Champion Tim Sherman, of Sacramento, will join the association and is very optimistic about the new division. Recently Sherman was interviewed during a practice session at the speedway.


“This will be great.” Sherman remarked, “Non wing cars on the new surface will be awesome. We’ll really be able to back ‘em in here. This place is perfect for the non-wing cars.” Sherman then strapped himself into his car and cut some impressive laps.


Sherman was referring to the new configuration of the speedway. During the winter some 80 loads of bottom clay was added to the quick ¼ mile. Sections of the crashwall on the front straightaway were replaced and the track is now much smoother and wider. Sherman has raced at Twin Cities for 15 years and has won here in winged cars. Sherman recently took top honors at a season opening non-wing show at the Bakersfield Speedway in Oildale.


The results on the new track surface have been dazzling. The winged Pacific Sprint Cars of the California Sprint Car Civil War Series debuted on March 20 and the track was in “qualifying condition at the END of the night”. This observation by sprint car champion Pat Hughes echoed the thoughts of the participants and fans alike. The new moist clay gave the track the look and feel of tracks like Ascot or West Capital Raceway. No dust and hooked up.


 “It’s fast, but it’s always been fast; now it’s really smooth and wide, no ruts in one or three… with a nice cushion.” Hughes noted.  “I walked the track and it tried to suck my boots off AFTER the races were over. Drivers were carrying so much more speed at the end of the straightaways that the old shut-off points were no good anymore. Some of these guys went in way too hot, way too often.” laughed Hughes.


Hughes’ lively description was punctuated by his assessment that driver error was the only reason for any crashes during the event.


“No excuses now, this track is wide enough to make the pass… high or low,” concluded Hughes.


Padjen Motorsports publicity man Bill Sullivan remarked, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen three cars come out of turn 4 together. I’ve seen them go in before, but they’ve never come out in one piece before.”


Sullivan was referring to the new width of the track, the new clay and it’s racer friendly characteristics.


The wingless warriors of the Speedway Sprint Cars will be able to take full advantage of the new track. The multi groove character of the new track will be perfect for the participants.


BCRA Midget champion Gary Koster, of Woodland, has signed on for the season. Koster has won some 200 main events in his illustrious open wheel career. Koster has most recently competed and won in CSRA competition. He is the many time champion of the SORA as well. Koster was in his typical good humor on the recent practice day and was ready to get with the program. If a positive attitude has anything to do with championships Koster could be the choice.


 Smart money could be on Koster for the championship. Koster’s equipment is maintained to perfection and his experience in championship battles will be a big weapon in his arsenal. Koster is as fast as anyone and makes precious few mistakes.


Chico hot shoe Tony Richards will be in the seat of his potent, mirror-finish black sprinter on opening night. Richards established himself as one of the favorites with a convincing win in the open competition wingless event staged here last August. Richards came out on top after a titanic duel with Sacramento’s Rick Eversault. There were three lead changes in the last two laps. Richards and Eversault came across the line nearly side by side at the finish.


The unique quality of this finish was that Eversault was in mid-air after launching over Richards’ right rear while trying to pass on the outside for the win. Veteran Starter Robin Davies was pummeled by the flying clay that Eversault’s rear nerf bar shaved from the front stretch surface like a razor. Davies quickly recovered, got up and continued to wave the flag to the balance of the field and the fans went wild.


Like Richards, Eversault will be one to watch in this new division. Two years ago Eversault won a winged spec-sprint open at Twin Cities. Eversault is a colorful charger that will warrant close attention. His “win it-or wear it” attitude makes him a fan favorite. Eversault will be fun to watch with his wild, tail-out style.


Two local drivers will be doing double duty at Twin Cities this year. Both will field cars in the new class.


3-time Twin Cities Speedway Stock Car Series Champion Jerry Bartlett of Yuba City will be in the field when the Speedway Sprinters take the first flag of 2004. Bartlett will not only compete in the Speedway Sprint car class, but will run for points in the TCS Stock Car Series as well. Bartlett’s rim-riding style should provide some real thrills for the fans. Stock Car veteran Guy Bean, also of Yuba City, will bring along a pair of cars each week as well. Bean is one of the area’s best-known racecar fabricators. This year he’s going to get in the seat.


SORA veteran Kenny Bair of Woodland has prepared a sparkling red and white sprinter for the new class and will compete weekly for the championship. Bair can get it done. Bair has won at Twin Cities before and his aggressive, calculated driving style could land him in the top spot at season’s end.


The groundswell of interest in the Speedway Sprint Car Series is encouraging as the list of quality owner/driver combinations signing on continues to grow. Steve Nelson, Jake Servin, Bob Johnson, Ted Pearson, Bill Hopkins, Blain Varner and Steve Fletcher are all owners with quality racecars in their shops that have joined the association.


At the recent practice day, Fletcher’s #31 was one of the most striking cars in the pits. The car was glistening in the sun and a number of the railbirds couldn’t stop talking about the attention to detail in it’s finish, which was first rate all the way.


Local owner Paul Hawes has acquired and entered a Ford powered sprinter that was driven recently by Outlaw Champion and NASCAR driver Dave Blaney. Hawes, a veteran of modified stock car competition has always fielded Ford powered cars. It was unclear who would be in the seat of the unique yellow racer on opening night.


The 1st Annual Valley Pump Labor Day Classic will be the high water mark for the non-wing Speedway Sprinters this season. Twin Cities Speedway has announced that a special Speedway Sprint Car extravaganza will be staged on Saturday night September 4th. This inaugural event will draw 50 or more entrants from all over the northwest. An expanded payoff and purse will lure the best of the non-wing chauffeurs to Twin Cities on Labor Day weekend.


The Speedway Sprint Cars, the Pacific Sprint Cars, The TCS Stock Cars and Mini Stocks will bring up the curtain on 2004 in a star-studded four-division show April 3rd. Twin Cities Speedway will have sprint car racing every Saturday night this season. Gates open at 5. Qualifying at 6:15. First race starts promptly at 7. Take  HWY 20 to Marysville CA. Turn south on Ramirez Road 1 mile to the track..


Please visit the website at or call 1.916.985-2089 or 1.530.673.3547 for more information.






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