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See You At The Races!!!

by Gary "Hammerdown" Costa

Waterford, CA…I’m back, and stronger than ever! Let me take a moment to bring all of you great race fans up to speed. I took a hiatus of sorts, because my beautiful girlfriend - Jennifer who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, was hittin’ her harder than Dave Darland abuses a cushion.
It really put my life into perspective. “We” decided to give up writing my column, and do an interview here and there for FlatOut Magazine. Well, that didn’t last too long. At first, I really didn’t miss it too much. But as the weeks turned into months, it’s all I could stand. The keyboard kept calling my name.
I would like to thank all of you who have sent us your well wishes and prayers. You really see who’s who in times like this.
I may not be as smooth as Emmit Smith on a dance floor, but I truly do love, and try and put my thoughts out on the web for all of you. I still will not just limit my column to racing however……
Speaking of racing, I would like to congratulate all of the 2006 season Car Owner, team & Driver Champions. And for those of you that “fell short”, you’re still a Champion for having the bravado to do what you want to do!
Just some random thoughts…
Donny Schatz is one bad ass Sprint Car driver no matter what your opinion is of him. He will have to deal with what Bobby Davis, Jr. had to deal with when he won his World of Outlaw Championship. If I have to explain it, you probably wouldn’t understand anyway!
My hat’s off to you “Tequila” and the whole Parker Racing #15 Team.
I’m already looking ahead to next season, with Kinser and the boys, hot on Donny’s heels to dethrone him.
When I heard Ted Johnson passed away, it shook me. No matter what anyone says about Ted, I liked him. I have only met the man on a few occasions, but he left an impression on me. He was a true Outlaw, he even looked the part. I wish he could have gotten a book out. Can you guys imagine the stories that cat could have shared!?
The Chili Bowl is adding a night to it’s already busy schedule. It will take place Tuesday night, and it’s for the Chili Bowl newcomers to get “christened”.
I hate to hear stuff like this; Al Hamilton & Bob Stewart out of the Central Pennsylvania Sprint Car scene are leaving our beloved sport. Both these teams will be missed, as they both have had some serious mashers in the seat. I wish them both the best.
Josh Wise is one cool customer behind the wheel of a race car. He won the USAC National Sprint Car title, and proceeded to take two nights of The Western World, out in the Valley of the sun. As you all know, Josh has signed with Michael Waltrip Racing next year.
Tyler Walker will be running for Bill Davis Racing next year in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series. Show ‘em how it’s done Tyler.
I would like to talk about Tim Kaeding for a moment. We all knew this dude was bad. But he really upped the ante this year. He went out there, and won. And he was consistently fast. And I’m not just talking in NST racing either. Yes, no one will dispute the fact that he has great equipment behind him - but he puts it to work! I for one am honored to see how far this kid from San Jose, Ca has gone.
Brother Bud, is so versatile, in a race car it’s amazing. He flys in from Indiana, proceeds to win Winged 410 Sprint Car races. Unbolt the aluminum, he can win in those too.
 Father Brent is OK too I guess…Haaaaaaaaa! You know I love ya BK.
“The Kruser” Cory Kruseman, may have won the USAC/CRA Championship, but, “The Cowboy”, not the “Modern Day” one, Tony Jones won 8 races this year in the Alexander Motorsports #4. And for good measure, won The schedules finale - “The Kindoll Classic”.
My hat’s off to all of you Non-Wingers down there.
The SCRA 360’s will be abusing Hanford’s clay next season. I hear 20 or so races.
Under the ultra-competitive John Padjen Motorsports banner. Andy Forsberg won the 410 Championship, Bob Newberry in the Spec-Sprints, and Greg DeCaires in the 360 Sprint Car division.
Jon Allard did a helluva job in GSC competition. He drove his ass off this year, and deserves to be crowned “King of California”. Brother Stephen has a new website check it out.
I better end it here. It sure feels good to back, and throw some names around. I will talk with all of you real soon….
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