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by Gary "Hammerdown" Costa

Rapid Fire With "The Wild Child" Jac Haudenschild

  (John's Racing Photos)

Jac, I know you're heading out the door to Arizona for the Outlaw shows, so we'll get this deal started. Good luck by the way! How did you get your nickname "The Wild Child"?

Haud: Thanks! I think it had something to do with my driving style and my last name I guess! I can't remember who gave it to me, people just started calling me that.

You're teaming up with Rick Wright in the Wright One Construction #35 for an all out assault on the World of Outlaws tour...

Haud: Yes! And I am really looking forward to it!

After racing for so many years. What does a veteran like yourself do to prepare for a new year?

Haud: Well, after age 40 I started working out!

                           (Gene Marderness Photo)

You won your first Sprint Car race at Lakeville Speedway at 16!

Haud: Yes! I drove for my dad and won my first race with him.

     Kokomo Speedway, 1985 you picked up your first World of Outlaws victory.

      Haud: Yeah, I won my first WoO main event with Jim McQueen as my crew chief, it was also with a steel                           motor!

In your early years you did some running around with Kenny and Dean Jacobs, as well as Jack Hewitt.....

Haud: Oh yeah, they were good friends and I enjoyed racing with them. We had a lot of good times.

Brad Doty is practically family right?

Haud: Yes, we grew up together and we were like brothers!

                          (John's Racing Photos)

Haud, what's up with Eldora? You've won the King's Royal three times, The Historical Big One and The Mopar Million just to name a few at that joint...

Haud: I like the high speed and the high banks!

The Front Row Challenge win was as exciting as it gets. There were a few yellows during your charge to the front....

Haud: Yeah, it was very exciting! And on the last yellow, I had no brakes!

I want to ask you what race do you cherish the most. In other words, when Jac's all alone, what race(s) do you reflect on?

Haud: The Kings Royal races are very special to me.

Wing or Non-Wing, it doesn't matter, you're always a factor to win. But the little that you do race without the wing, you are successful without it. Do you attribute this to your early days of running without the wing?

Haud: Yes! In the earlier days of racing with the WoO we used to race wing and non-wing shows.

                           (John's Racing Photos) 

Wing and Non-Wing, what does it take to be successful in both types of cars? Is it more driver involvement in one or the other, mechanic?

Haud: Gary, it really does take a good car and mechanic either way.

Let's say we're running around Eldora. Take me for a lap with the wing, then without the wing. And explain to us the adjustments you would have to make as a driver to get around that joint fast!

Haud: With the wing, the car is locked down and without it it's loose. You can really hammer the throttle with the wing, but you have to let off of the throttle without the wing.

In any conversation at any track we the fans always talk about who really gasses her up, and your name will without a doubt be mentioned. Let's imagine for a moment that yourself, Kinser, Sammy, Hewitt and Opperman are having this conversation, who's name would you drop?

Haud: Lealand McSpadden!

                          (John's Racing Photos)

What are some of the things Jac Haudenschild has done to make himself competitive year-after-year?

Haud: I really love what I do! That's what keeps me competitive and coming back year after year!

What do you find that is the most difficult aspect to you in regards to racing? The travel, being away from home?

Haud: Keeping a good team together.

Knoxville is one of the biggies missing on your resume....

Haud: Yes, but I Hope to win it this year!

                            (John's Racing Photos)

You are a fan favorite wherever you go. Why do you think that is?

Haud: I have always loved to take time with the fans.

I know that you have some seasons left to get the elbows up, but when that times come for you to hang up your helmet, how would you like us fans to remember you?

Haud: Although I'm not retiring anytime soon, as a winner of course! I would also like to be remembered as a driver who truly loved racing, and my beautiful family.

                     (Gene Marderness Photo)

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to allow me to ask you these questions...

Haud: Thank you Gary and to everyone who reads "Interrogation"!


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